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1992-1999 BMW 3Series
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Dedicated to the BMW 3-series years 92-99.

Buy the book on E36 Service, this is
the best service manual available on the E36
Bentley BMW 3 Series Service Manual: 1992-1998

Bentley BMW 3 Series Service Manual
BMW Buyers Guide

BMW 3 Series Enthusiast's Companion

Buy the book on BMW Tips&Tricks,
BMW CCA Enthusiast's Companion
BMW CCA Enthusiast's Guide
Want to modify your E36?? Check out Ron Stygar's page for tons of information on mods to your car.
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    Types of E36's(USA spec):

    Tips and tricks from other E36 owners:

    Interior (ALL)

    Stereo (ALL)

    Exterior or All or CarCare


    • Replace the water pump in your M3 or 325i if you have over 40k on the car.
    • Read about E36 M3 engine overrevs
    • 318i M42 Profile Gasket Problem
    • Valve adjustment FAQ
    • O2 sensor, everything you ever wanted to know.
    • O2 sensor, buy a good one
    • Annual coolant change
    • M3 Idle surge
    • Lifter noise
    • Water pumps die at a normal interval of 60k (until upgraded to the metal impeller)
    • Fan clutches die at 100k
    • Radiator necks crack at 100k

    Performance (ALL)

  • Turner Intake comparison to stock
  • JC Chip vs. Dinan vs. Stock at Watkins Glen
  • M3 Dyno performance results
  • K&N air filter
  • M3 Performance modifications
  • M3 Supercharger installation
  • Midwest Motorsports Performance Site
  • K&N Airfilters
  • M3 Euro airbox and Dinan exhaust mods
  • M3 Dinan Chip Sizzling Sounds
  • M3 Exhaust mods
  • M3 various questions
  • M3 Lightweight Flywheel
  • M3 Max Performance
  • 1996 M3 performance mods
  • M3 snorkel installation tips
  • Drove E36 M3 Turbo
  • Balanced Cars i.e. not supercharged cars
  • Superchargers
  • E36 318ti exhausts tested

    Drivetrain (ALL)

    Suspension (ALL)


    Electrical (ALL)

    • Replacement battery information
    • Troubleshooting a dead BMW
    • On-Board Computer FAQ
    • Gauge test FAQ
    • Motronic fault code FAQ
    • Heating/Ventilation and AC FAQ
    • Windshield wiper FAQ
    • Power window FAQ
    • Central Locking FAQ

    General (ALL)

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