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From digest.v5.n47 Tue Jul 30 05:20:12 1996
From: "Alberto SCHILEO, DCC/USD" <>
Date: Tue, 30 Jul 1996 11:34:00 +0100 (MET)
Subject: Power Window Switch

>I understand that the windows on the 4 door models can be fully opened or
>closed automatically by tapping the window control switch but the 2 door
>models such as my 92 318IS do not have that function. Does anyone know why
.this is and is it possible just to replace the switch with the version from >the 4 door to make it work the same?

Unfortunately the switches themselves have nothing to do with it; they simply close a circuit. It's the car brains that determines what the stepper motors in the doors do from that moment on.

This said, my BMW dealer here in France installed a console switch for me in my new 328is coupe (we do not have the door lock/unlock button here in europe). I had asked only for a lock-when-depressed button, but he went a step further and connected it to the same circuit as the driver side door lock (pin # 6 or 9, I believe) so that it works exactly as the key. If I depress it briefly it will lock the doors (no deadbolting), and if I keep it depressed it will close the two main windows first, and then the sunroof and rear triangles (I ordered it with the power option). Quite nice when you see a large cloud of diesel exhaust coming up and you wish to close the car quickly. I also find it more practical to close my sunroof by holding down a button next to the shifter rather than up in the air by the rear-view mirror. (For those of you who are interested I had them use a second ASC switch mounted where the driver-side seat heater switch would have been. I replaced the pictogram with one I drew up with my computer, and it looks factory - without the risk of them drilling holes in my console!).

It however does not address your window-opening wish...
Paris, France
'96 328is coupe

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