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From digest.v5.n334 Fri Oct 4 17:14:37 1996
From: Land Shark <>
Date: Fri, 04 Oct 1996 16:18:34 -0600
Subject: Re: E36 - M3 various questions

Clark asks about:

>1) Stock airbox modifications. I read somewhere that there are changes
>you can do to the stock airbox to improve flow (minor improvement). What
>are these changes exactly?

The modifications are ..

  1. K&N filter
  2. Remove the intake baffle
  3. Add a Euro "ram air" intake snorkle/brake duct

>2) Who sells the euro Intake conversion kit that is reputable? I think I
>read that it's quite cheap. How much does it cost and what exactly does it
>consist of?

Euro INTAKE .. as in INTAKE manifold...

No one .. the Euro intake manifold WILL NOT fit on a US Head .. never EVER!

If you mean the EUROPEAN Air Mass Sensor/Airbox setup ..

Contact Will Turner at Turner Motorsport..

He has the complete setup .. and it WORKS!

>3) Dinan Chips - I read somewhere (bad memory) that you have to
>send your ECU to Dinan for them to properly program a chip for this car.

If you car was built after 1/95 then yes ..

>Has anyone bought the option to remove the speed governor?

I do my own chips and have removed the speed governor on ALL of them

Actually, on the M3 .. there are TWO governors...

One cuts fuel at 137mph ..

That's the one EVERYONE finds ..

The other reduces power at 139mph ..

>How fast does the car go without it?

Gear limited .. 155mph .. would go faster with a higher rear end ratio

>6) Euro VANOS unit - has anyone been able to locate or get
>their hands on a euro-spec VANOS manifold? I heard that it's good
>for ~48 HP and is the main difference between the US and euro
>cars other than the resonator. Of course you would need a new
>wiring harness and ECU at the same time you install it.

Forget ir!!

Euro HEAD will not bolt onto US Block ..

And if it would .. you'd need TWO new ECU's .. and a harness!


Euro car is 286 HP .. we have seen 278-282 out of US Cars with simple mods..

Intake Side: Turner Euro HFM/Airbox and larger throttlebody

Exhaust Side: Full supersprint exhaust/header system

Custom Chip

You cannot get a SINGLE HP more unless you open the motor up and start talking valves, cams, porting, etc..


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