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From: Dan Quicker <>
Subject: <E36> BMP Instrument console (long)

Below are my notes/comments/additions/changes:

add'l info on Removing the OBC:
Use a flat feeler gauge under the obc to push the spring loaded fingers of the obc back(up) into the obc housing. The retaining finger runs nearly the full width of the obc. There are three tabs on top as well but these don't move so you have to tip the obc out from the bottom and finesse the top tabs out of the dash, Don't force it.

Wire connections:
I used the ground (brown)on the cigar lighter for the VDO cluster. I used the dimmer power(yellow) from the cigar lighter light. I used switched power(red) from the glovebox light. building the gauge wiring harness took almost as much time as installing it. I soldered as much as possible, tried not to use to many daisychain things. I used connectors on the gauges.

Getting the wires from inside to the engine compartment was the major challenge. I went thru the existing rubber grommet "below" the main red power feed. You can "JUST" see this thing if you remove the passenger kick panel, lower passenger trim and glovebox. Its right above the carpet edge on the right corner on the firewall. major PITA.

I didn't need to remove the drivers side trim panel or the carpet.

Notes on removing the glovebox:
There is a screw in each air vent. 4 screws on the glovebox behind the door. MAYBE one bolt under the glovebox light. Slide it straight out toward you.

Can a novice do it? Its no harder than installing a radio. But "novice" covers alot of ground. If you are not comfortable with car wiring or taking you time, don't. Took me most of a whole day to do it.

Also, BMP supplies no wiring or connectors. Running around to find all the colored wire and connectors took time too. I'm still looking for a oil temp sender connector. (no luck at napa, pepboys, trak auto)

I'm kind of disappointed with the quality of the console. They just cut the back off of a standard panel and glue on another piece of plastic with 3 holes drilled in it. The whole thing was spray painted black and is "flatter" than the stock stuff. It does look good and work good once it is installed and I do enjoy it. I'm just too much of a perfectionist. :^( I might have gotten Milos' Carbon fiber version if it was available.

'95 540
'95 M3

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