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The Unofficial E12 Home Page.
1976-1981 BMW 5Series
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Special thanks to Michel Potheau for some of the information on this page.
Another great source of E12 info is the
First Fives - E12 Registry, thanks to Gregory Szczyrbak.
Big Coupe Group also has a lot of good info, early('76-'82) 6 series has many similar parts to the E12 5 series, brakes, suspension, electrical.

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Dedicated to the BMW 5-series years 72-81.

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    Types of E12's(USA spec):

    Some tips and info from other E12 owners :




      6cyl [M30 2.8l]
      6cyl [M30 3.0l]
      • Changed your hoses lately? Here is how to check if it needs changing.
      • Cylinder head, original design cracks eventually, look for casting date which is newer than the car. Late '80 and up are the better ones.
      • Cam lubrication is a problem, cam wears on #3 exhaust. This is due to a lube tube which cracks or gets loose and spray doesn't hit that lobe.
      • Fan clutches fail predictably every 60,000 miles or so.
      • adjusting air/ fuel mixture
      • Valve adjustment FAQ
      • Fuel Transfer pump FAQ
      • O2 sensor, everything you ever wanted to know.
      • O2 sensor, buy a good one



    • Check the differential mount. The original factory mount was not strong enough and this usually breaks. It needs to be reinforced for it to last.
    • Motor mounts wear and tilt engine back. Eventually the brackets holding them will fatigue. Glance at the mounts, they will normally show a little compression at the back. If they show a lot, they are shot. If you have trouble installing a new oilfilter, it's a sure sign the mounts are shot.
    • Speedo box (in line on cable) for oxy sensor mileage needs lube from time to time.
    • Short Shift installation instructions
    • Clutch bleeding, another person's experience
    • Clutch hydraulics repair
    • Adjusting clutch
    • Problems with a stiff clutch


    • Installed TSW Imola's in 16"x7" from Discount Tire Co. With Dunlop D40 M2 205/55/16 tires. Offset for rim is 15mm. The rims are also hub-centric for BMW's so no adapter is needed.
    • Installing new struts
    • Front end shimmy FAQ



    How to keep an older E12 (or other BMW) feeling new:

    • Replaced all fuel lines under hood
    • Replaced alternator bushings
    • Replaced all vacum lines under the hood
    • All coolant hoses replaced...even the little bugger behind the alternator
    • New motor mounts installed
    • New transmission mounts installed
    • Replaced rear shock-absorber bushings
    • Replaced front control arm bushings
    • Replaced all shifter linkage components
    • Replaced the guibo (rubber flex disk in driveline)


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