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From digest.v4.n623 Tue May 21 04:24:01 1996
From: (Daniel B. Snyder)
Date: Mon, 20 May 1996 23:19:44 -0500
Subject: EZ Helmet Info..

After searching through the Snell Foundation web pages, I found out the main differences between the ratings for auto racing and motorcycles (SA95 vs. M95):

Impact: Both require surviving impacts equivalend to being dropped from certain heights onto 3 types of steel anvils

           Flat:   dropped 2x from 3 meters, and then from 2.2M
           Sphere: from 3M and then 2.2M
           Edge:   once from 3M

SA95 adds: Roll Bar: 3 impacts; 3M, 2.4M, 2M

Chin Bar: Both ratings are equivalent

Penetration: Neither can allow a 3kg steel cone to penetrate to the "head" falling from 3M.

All helmets with face shields must resist a pointed led pellet fired at 500km per hour (open faced helmets with some sort of shield are not required to pass this!).

Flame: The SA95 helmets must resist a 790 degree (celcius) propane tourch applied to the surface for 30 seconds, the face sheild for 45 seconds, and the lining for 15 seconds. In all cases, the flame cannot penetrate the helmet, nor can the interior temperature of the helmet (contacting the skin) rise above 70 deg. C. The shield cannot melt. All fires must self extinguish within a few seconds.

So, the main differences are that the SA95 must pass an additional 3 strikes against a simulated roll bar and must be flame resistant. If you use your helmet for motorcycling, you should be very careful in purchasing a SA95 rated helmet, as they are not required to have the same outward visibility as a motorcycle helmet. Also, Snell recommends that all helmets be replaced after 5 years due to the degradation of materials.

This info is only to help in the selection of a helmet. I have no technical knowledge, nor any interest in promoting any sales nor the Snell Foundation. You should do your own research before buying any safety device, and above all USE IT!


Daniel B. Snyder J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management {O==00==O}
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