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From digest.v4.n607 Thu May 16 13:52:49 1996
From: (Christopher A. Pawlowicz)
Date: Thu, 16 May 96 16:13:14 EDT
Subject: <E30><M3><SUNROOF>

paul nederveen wrote
>Well, it's raining in North Carolina. The bad news is that it is raining
>in my '89 M3. After sitting in the rain overnight, I get in it this
>morning and start backing out. As soon as the car is turning water starts
>dripping from the joint between the check computer and the roof. Turn to
>the right water drips from the left, turn left drip get the
>idea. While going straight it doesn't do anything.

Don't know M3 specific but my E21 320i (almost an M3 right? ;) and my E30 325i seem to work the same... *so*

It certainly could be the drain holes being plugged.. I had water leaking in my 320i until I used a long wire and then some compressed air to blow the holes clear.. roof never leaked again.

Same symptoms - rained over night.. got in car.. noticed a drip on ceiling.. drove a little bit and got a nice trickle of water on my head.

Again, after clearing the drain holes (front and rear) I never had the problem again. They were really gummed up before cleaning out.

hope this helps
chris pawlowicz
'89 325i - leak free (knock on wood)

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