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From digest.v5.n132 Wed Aug 21 09:50:57 1996
Date: Wed, 21 Aug 1996 06:59:00 -0700
Subject: Subject: What's the HYPE with the "JIM C" chips?

"Eric Haywood" <> wrote:

>I need some info and/or result data regarding aftermarket chips. I see that
>there are quite a few owners who are impressed with the "JIM C" chip. Who is
>he? What's the deal with his chip?

Below is some info on the chip Jim did for my '95 M3. You may wish to reconsider using the word HYPE, although I doubt you did so derogatorily.

" Today we dynoed an M3 Lux at 273HP using ..

  1. Supersprint Headers/Exh. w/ Dr Gas crossover and stock cats
  2. Euro Airbox, HFM, and bigger Throttlebody
  3. Larger flow-matched ERT injectors
  4. Custom chip ...

This is the HIGHEST HP I have EVER seen on an S50USB30 motor that has NOT been opened up ..

The HP Peak is a flat line from 6000 thru 7000rpms producing 220HP at the REAR Wheels!!

Torque is flat from 4250 thru 5700 in the 200 lb/ft range (rear wheel, about 250 at the shaft)

I can also say that we dynoed 278HP for the track with a catless center section and a bit more tuning ....

And that is ALL she wrote for the S50US/B30 motor .. there IS no more to be had !!

Note, that BMW race guru T.C. Kline said that the HIGHEST HP they had EVER seen on a CSL motor, with headers/race exh. (no cats) and all the intake tricks you could muster was .. 268HP .."

Dinan makes fine chips--Jim makes _great_ones.

Best to all,

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