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From digest.v4.n668 Sat Jun 1 18:42:05 1996
From: Marc Bishop <>
Date: Sat, 01 Jun 1996 18:45:01 +0000
Subject: Car Finish, Waxes, Melted Crayon, Suspension Help

I have joined this group the past couple of weeks and have printed the past several digests and am now reading them. I believe I can offer some info to others, and wish some in return.

To the genteleman that wanted to improve his finish prior to waxing: No need to compound or use meguiears polish/wax etc. First use 3-M Imperial Hand Glaze and follow with Blitz Carnauba Wax. For the person who asked about Zymol: it's a great prduct for concours, but lasts about as long as it takes you to put it on. For 1/2 the price you can use Blitz, which is a harder carnauba concentration, same shine, but lasts longer. It's also easy on (I put it on by hand, meaning MY HAND, no applicator, just my skin) and easy to remove. The Zymol has to come off fresh, right away or you have a big problem. The Imperial Hand Glaze safely removes droppings, bug stuff, and swirlmarks. It contains a clay/glycerin solution that is like the Griot offered bar but without the risk of damaging your finish.

Grease, adhesives, chewing gum, tree pitch, and I believe, crayon wax can be removed by Oil-Flo Satety Solvent that is a water soluble solvent that will safely remove these items from exterior/interior fabrics, leather, painted finishes,etc. I even use it as a pre-wash spotter when I've gotten oil on my clothing from an oil change. Or the kids clothes, etc.

I've used these products on my '68 Porsche 911 and '80 Porshe 911SC and learned about them form literature from the Porsche Clubs. I purchase them from John Paterak at Care Care Specialities, Saddlebrook, N.J., 201-796-8300. He will answer any questions you ask in a most helpful way. He is a multi-concours winner.



Looking to be a future positive contributor to all.

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