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Date: 17 Apr 1997 01:49:32 -0400
Subject: Metal Master Pads

The following is several previous posts of mine. Somewhat choppy, but usable.

The 328is and 318ti front disks are both 11.3 inches in diameter. The 328is are ventilated, the 318ti are solid. The 328is rear disks are 11.0 inches in diameter and solid. The 318ti rear disks are 10.7 inches in diameter and solid as well.

According to the 318ti fiche, the Repco/PBR/Axxis pads required for this application would be the same ones I purchased for my '96 328is. The front pads are #D1224 and the rear #D1245. Both sets are available in the "Deluxe" or "Metal Master" version from Mesa Performance Parts 1-800-221-MESA.

I have been using Repco Metalmasters for years with good results. I just finished installing them in my 96 328is. Getting the front pads is no problem. Getting the rears is. Most venders are selling the D1132 for the rear. Although the contour is the same the 3 pronged springs are wider. They break if you try to install them. BMW changed the rear pad cylinder dimension back in 5/93. The new will fit the old. The old will not fit the new. After much effort I finally found a source for the correct rear D1245 pads. MESA 1-800-221-6372. If you say you saw their web site they will discount 10%. If you say you are a BMWCCA member they wil send you a free gift.

SUBJECT: Lets install Repco/PBR/Axxis metal master pads on my 96 328is or '97 318tis

I've been using Repco/PBR/Axxis brake pads since 1980 and have been happy with the results. I still have the same set of pads on my '86 325es (103,000 miles) which were installed when I bought the car new. The following details how I went about doing this on my '96 328is. As always, feel free to do it your way.

Slightly loosen the lug bolts of the first wheel using a 17mm socket. Remounting torque is (100NM ~ 73.7 ftlb). Raise and safely support the vehicle to accommodate the wheel you are doing. Undo the bolts and remove the wheel referencing its position so that you can install it the same way it was originally mounted. This eliminates potential balance problems.

Remove retaining spring by pushing at its center in the direction of the imprinted arrow. (Push towards the rear of the vehicle) Gently remove brake pad wear sensor from the inboard brake pad. (Only in left front and right rear pads) Its surrounding metal clip is position dependent. Make a note of it before the clip falls out and you lose track of it. Remove both plastic plugs protecting the guide bolts. Push brake hose out of mounting bracket at the grommet point. Remove guide bolts using a 7mm hex head socket driver. Mark the bolts with a felt pen as you take them out so you can return them to their original positions.

7mm Hex Drive

Remounting torque is (30NM ~ 22 ftlb ~264 inlb). Clean the guide bolts, but do not lubricate. Inspect their threads and replace any guide bolts that are not in perfect condition. Guide bolt part# 34 11 1 157 041 _at_$17.45. Lift out the brake caliper towards rear of vehicle and remove both pads. Push back the caliper piston back using an appropriate tool. On my new car, fingers worked. Clean the brake lining guides along the caliper and backing plate contact areas. Lightly grease brake pad backing plate and piston contact areas using BMW plastilube part# 81 22 9 407 103. $2.17 each. I purchased four. You can probably get away with two.


Install the new pads. Install the caliper assembly and torque the guide bolts to (30NM~ 22 ftlb~264 inlb). My inch pound torque wrench fits comfortably. Pump the brake pedal to achieve pad disk contact. Clean (both sides) and wax the wheel, then reinstall it in its original position.

The remounting torque is (100NM~ 73.7 ft-lb ) ,though I've been using 72 ft-lb for years. Go on to the next wheel. When you are done record the mileage and installation date and give one last thought to how much brake dust you used to see.

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