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E36 Gauge Tests.

With the ignition key at position 0 (full off), press and hold the trip odometer reset button. (The trip distance will not reset.) When the distances appear, turn the key to the position 1 (accessories on). Release the reset button and watch the show.

John (or anyone) - Out of curiosity, what do the 6 different distances which are shown represent ?

From my E36 archives (someday to be in FAQ form):

From: Larry Swanson 01-Sep-1995 0716 Date: Fri, 1 Sep 95 07:39:55 MET DST Subject: E36 instrument cluster test

A German manual I have (Jetzt helfe ich mir selbst) says:

1 - Vehicle identification number 2 - Number for BMW internal use 3 - Wegdrehzahl (something to do with the rotations) of the odometer (K-number) 4 - Software version 5 - Hardware version 6 - Index of changes

Well, I know that if you push the check control button and turn the key to the two position, the Check control display on E32/34s after a certain production date will show hardware numbers, etc, then test all the gauges and lights. Try it at night, its a good show! Dont need to push the trip odo button, just the check control button. Im not sure about E36s and on, I have to try myself later on.