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From digest.v4.n566 Thu May 9 07:53:23 1996
From: Bob Van Epps <72537.2212_at_CompuServe.COM>
Date: 09 May 96 09:44:12 EDT
Subject: Was NONE - Now Cross State Problems 325

sean thompson <> ASKS:

Fellow digesters:
I just returned from a trip across the state and boy are there a lot of digests to read!!! anyway, I experienced somewhat of a problem and could use some insight. I drove from the beach to Orlando (170 miles) with no prob. around O-town 2 days no prob. as I was leaving for second leg of journey, my idle lost it.down below 500 rpm than died. if i kept on the throttle it ran ok. this lasted only about 15 mins (car was warm) drove all the way to Delray (190miles)no prob. drove around 2 days all ok. on third day drove about 3 miles then all hell broke loose. emissions check engine light came on. idle surged 500-1000-500-1000, etc. the car had no power, like it was starving for gas or missing really badly. had to pull over and get towed(AAA pays for itself this time) unfortunatly to bubba's garage.well the only thing that was done was disconnect the batt(??) well the light went off but car ran badly. the place closed and car sat overnight. Had the bently manual fuel sys. trouble shooting pages faxed to me. all prepared to trouble shoot and lo and behold car ran normally.test drove it about 20 times around block before chancing the 300 miles home.(I made it)what is up. what should I check. BTW according to the OBC I got 24.7mpg going and after the fiasco I got27.6mpg at 75mph.TIA for the collective wisdom

Possible Answer:

There is a harness connection under the center of the intake manifold that is a cause of many problems on these cars. Disconnect and clean this and your problems will hopefully disappear. You will probablt have to R&R the Air Flow Meter and connecting hose to find it.

Hope this helps.
Many BMWs

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