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From: Peter Rhim <>
Date: Fri, 14 Jun 96 13:45 EST
Subject: Steering wheel removal w/o SRS reset

On June 14, fastestM5 wrote about removing the steering wheel to get at the dash module:

>...Steering wheel removal is easier, but then you need to find a
>MODIC man to reset your SRS.

To everyone out there with SRS-laden BMWs, there is a way to remove your steering wheel without having to pay the MODIC man $$$ to reset your SRS light. I posted this about a month ago...


I removed my airbag-clad steering wheel on my 90 E34 to fix a problem I had with my horn. Removal is a simple procedure and not dangerous.

NOTE: Make sure you have your radio code before performing the following procedure because your radio will go into 'anti-theft' mode when battery is disconnected and you will have to enter the code before the radio will work again.

Step 1: Unhook negative battery cable.  This removes any possibility of 
        the airbag deploying or messing up the SRS system as people have 
        recently reported on the list.  
Step 2: On the back of the center part of the steering wheel, there are 
        four allen wrench screws.  Unscrew these (the screws will not come 
        out - they are part of the airbag contraption) and the entire center 
        part of the steering wheel (airbag) will come off.  You will have to 
        disconnect (just pull the connector off) the airbag trigger wire from 
        the center part of the airbag contraption to remove it completely.

Now the steering wheel looks exactly like a non-airbag steering wheel with the big nut holding the steering wheel on. Unscrew the nut and the steering wheel pulls straight off. Installation is reverse... Re-connect the negative battery cable *last* after you are . Good luck. Std disclaimers worked for me.

90 5er

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