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From digest.v5.n453 Sat Oct 26 15:39:44 1996
From: Jeff Tarr <>
Date: Fri, 25 Oct 1996 12:36:06 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Lightweight Flywheel

Hi Guys-

Here is my two cents worth regarding the lightweight flywheel for the E36 M3:

It is awesome.

Before I installed the supercharger I had Turner Motorsports install their lightweight flywheel. The car was improved in every aspect possible. acceleration was significantly faster - the car pulls to redline in a blink of the eye. Gotta be real careful not to hit the rev limiter!

The only way to really characterize the difference is my conversation with Will Turner afterwards - "Will, did you add anything else besides the flywheel?" "Nope." "I don't believe that only a flywheel could make such a difference!"

So, now that the season is winding down I recommend getting the flywheel to sooth your more speed desires. Although it is a bit pricy, if you mention to Will that you saw my, and the other posts I'm sure he'll sell it to you at the "Internet" price.

Oh, just to be fair I should admit the one annoyance I had with the flywheel. While idling in my garage the tranny makes slightly more noise than it used to. The noise is not noticeable on the street or the track, but when in a room that echos you can hear it.

As always, I have no connection with Turner Motorsports, I'm just a happy customer.

  • --Jeff
  • -- Jeff Tarr

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