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From Bob Hazelwood
Subject: Re: A "sound" decision (fwd)

Thanks for the interest in a/d/s/.

The best "bang for the buck" comes from upgading the Front speakers and adding a reasonably sized subwoofer and a good amp. There is no reason to change the radio and CD, they're fine. We can fax you the wiring data on the 3-series system to help you wire it correctly.

For the front system, my recommendation is the a/d/s/ AL5 system. It is a 130mm (5.25 inch) component system with a separate 1" soft dome tweeter. The woofers will go in the kick panels with the tweeters in the doors. You can basically ignore the door midrange locations, they serve no useful purpose. If you want a bit simpler installation you could put the A5i/m coax speakers in the kick panels instead and not have to take the doors apart, but the AL5's will sound a bit better as the result of the more flexible tweeter mounting choices.

AL5's have an SRP of $369 with a sreet price in the low $300's.

For "normal" volume levels, the RS10 subwoofer is a good choice. It is large enough to give good low frequency extension but it will work in a small box of between .5 and 1 cu.ft. It works particularly well in the pre-made enclosures from companies like Q-Logic which carry the "performance match type 1" designation. The only problem is that our frame is a little smaller in diameter than most 10's, necessitating that an adaptor ring be fabricated from wood to fit the smaller woofer in the bigger hole, but this is a pretty trivial project. Of course a custom enclosure can just be made to fit. A .5 cu ft enclosure is not much bigger than a 6-pack, so its barely noticeable in the trunk. You will probably only need one unless you like it very loud. If so buy two. The fold down seat in the coupe is acousticallty transparent enough so that this setup works fine without having to cut metal.

Leave the rear speakers. They're not good but they"re way in the back. Just adjust them down enough that you don't really hear them.

For an amp, I recommend the P640. This is a 6-channel amp giving 4 x 40W and 1 x 120W when used in 5-channel mode. The electronic crossover is built-in for the sub.

If you would prefer to not take the subwoofer route, replace the rear speakers with the A6i/m 170mm coaxes. These are large enough to give good bass, but you will have to do some minor surgery to adapt the rear deck to this larger size. If you choose this route, use the same amp but biamp the front tweeters and woofers with separate amplifier channels using the P640's active crossover. Run the rears with the passive crossover which comes with the A6's.

Depending on the exact combination you choose, SRP is around $1100 - $1150 which translates into a typical street price of around $1k.

Best Regards,

My Estimates:

AL5 $300
RS10 $150
P640 $550

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