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From digest.v5.n95 Sat Aug 10 17:26:30 1996
Date: Sat, 10 Aug 1996 15:08:58 -0400
Subject: RE: Mounting a Valentine in a 3 Series

In a message dated 96-08-10 11:44:22 EDT, you write:

<< RE: Mounting a Valentine in a 3 Series >>

One thing I found acceptable in my '94 325i is attaching the visor clip to the headliner. This limits the use of the sun visor but does not completely disable it. It also makes for a very neat installation if you hardwire it into your sunroof power supply.


'94 325i - sports package, etc.
'91 325iC
'87 325is

From digest.v5.n95 Sat Aug 10 17:26:30 1996
From: frank earl mcbath <>
Date: Sat, 10 Aug 1996 11:22:21 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: Mounting a Valentine in a 3 Series

> Subject: RE: Mounting a Valentine in a 3 Series
> David,
> Is there enough room to mount the detector above the rear view
> mirror? This is where I have my V1 mounted. Mike Valentine also has his

there is, but you have to put it in crooked [i believe]. a guy i work with has a 740i and has his unit there [non laser] and his is crooked.

> mounted there in his 750. I have mine hard-wired so I don't have to fool
> with mounting and dismounting. The blue color strip doesn't affect
> performance unless it has any metallic substance in it. The easiest way

i wanted to mount mine up above the mirror, also... but since mine has the laser detection... and the instructions explicitly tell you not to mount the laser detection in the "blue color" strip, i have had to mount mine on the driver's side *right* under the color strip.

i just didn't want to find out the hardway whether the blue strip filtered out something and cost me a few bucks the hard way.

sacrafice is obvious, i lost use of my driver's side visor. answer was to squint or wear sunglasses :-( i could mount it over on the passenger side, but it is difficult to see the unit properly w/out taking my eyes off the road [to determine whether it is a fake hit].

but if Mike runs his like that... can't argue with him. i just speculate that he has the tools to make sure his is working though, and i don't!!!


> to check for this is to look through the blue strip while sitting at a
> stop light. If the red light looks red, then you are perfectly fine in
> mounting the detector there. The higher you mount the detector, the
> better range you will get.
> Prakash Maggan

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