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From digest.v4.n846 Tue Jul 16 09:41:10 1996
From: "John G.Burns" <>
Date: Tue, 16 Jul 1996 13:03:37 BST
Subject: <E36> electric sunroof fixed

Ever since I got my 318iS the electric sunroof has been out of synchronisation. By this I mean that it never auto-stopped in the closed position, it used to stop half way open requiring the button to be released and pressed again to fully open the roof.

Last night I finally fixed this annoying problem. Firstly prise off the panel containing the sunroof switch in the headlining, this is easy and is fully described the the E36 owners manual.

You now see a motor assembly retained by three hex-top screws. Undo these but remember where each came from as they are different lengths (why?). The motor assembly simply comes away at this point.

By depressing the sunroof switch a few times you'll notice the motor has a mechanical timing device to cut-off after a certain number of rotations. It has to operate longer to fully open the roof than to tilt it, v.nice mechanism :-) Operate the motor so as to place it in the middle position corresponding to roof closed.

With the sunroof in the closed position re-insert the motor and test things out. In my car I can still move the roof further up/open after the auto-stops but it now closes in the correct position, I assume this is normal in an E36 (?). May take a few attempts to get just right.

If I can do this anyone can. It's really simple and not messy. My very first techie tip to the digest! Engine rebuilds here I come :-)

  • -- "It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth in a meeting with the users and prove it." (Ancient programming proverb)

NB: As I am a gibberring idiot any views expressed here are NOT the views of Stolt Comex Seaway Ltd., Aberdeen, Bonny Scotland

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