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From digest.v4.n800 Wed Jul 3 05:50:23 1996
From: Looi Cheng Hock <>
Date: Wed, 03 Jul 1996 16:52:52 MYT
Subject: Re: Cloudy Headlights problem

On Wed 3 Jul 1996, Arthur Manowski <> wrote:

>Hello all,

>Just wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to clean the inside of my
>four headlights. The car is an E28 but i have seen lots of other BMW's
>with the same problem. The lights appear to be coated with a white
>residue on the inside, making them look cloudy.

It's a little tricky and difficult, but can be done. You won't be able to return it to mint condition though, but will look better, that's all. <grin>

Without doubt, you'll need to remove them and work over a clean table/work-bench. You'll need clean titrated water to dilute *glass-cleaning* liquid - they come in many brands. Next, you'll need a length of *steel* wire about 1/8th" thk. Formed it to a contour of the reflector on one end and the lens on the other end - long enough to grab it in the centre. Make sure you file/polish the ends round and smooth.

Now, get strips of *fluff-free* clean/new cloth - preferably cotton and tightly wrap the whole length of the *formed steel wire* such that they are thicker along the 2-3 inch length on both ends. Try to insert the ends thro the bulb socket - easier if the lights uses H4, tight fit if H1.

The process of cleaning is such that you wet the tool made, just sufficiently moist - not dripping, and insert - clean! It will take some effort until you get the best result. Change the strip of *fluff-free* cotton strips regularly during the cleaning process.
The reflector score easily - so do be gently!

I had been doing such things all along. <grin> Of course, if the lens too *blurred* due to chippings, replace with new... easier!

ps. If the rubber protective caps that seal the bulb over the light socket looks aged, replace them. Water can and do *seeps* inside the light unit, due to *convection* set up when light unit warms up and then cools.

>Thanks in advance for any info.

>Arthur '82 528i

  • -- chL00I via DeskTopPC West Malaysia. '84 E23 728i '71 Opel Manta SR
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