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From Mon Nov 11 11:50:16 1996
From: Dale Beuning <>
Subject: Re: Changing brake fluid

Hi Lars,


> Now on to my latest problem, I am planning to change my brake fluid next
> w/e and I wounder what is the best way? I have a 1989 325i (E30)
> equipped with ABS brakes. Is it best to drain the fluid from the
> reservoir, fill up with new fluid, and then bleed? Will I have to bleed
> the clutch as well, they use the same reservoir? In the Haynes manual it
> says to change the break fluid by bleeding, how is this done?

How to bleed brakes

  1. use a syringe to remove all the old fluid from the brake fluid reservoir
  2. fill the res with new fluid
  3. get a 1/2 meter length of tubing that will fit over the brake bleed valve, and a 1 liter jar to put old fluid into
  4. get an assistant, place in drivers seat
  5. start at furthest wheel (passenger side, rear)
    • assistant pumps brakes (5-10 times) and holds the brake
    • assistant yells HOLDING
    • you, under the car, at the wheel, open the brake bleed valve wait for fluid to stop running into your jar, close the valve
    • you yell PUMP to your assistant
    • repeat until you get clear fluid coming out, not dark dirty stuff
    • move to drivers rear wheel, then passengers front, then drivers front.
  6. recycle the old brake fluid!

Note: if you don't have an assistant, you can also presurize the system to about 15psi or 1 to 2 bars and just drian it out.

ABS Note: after the first bleeding you should go out and do some serious braking to get the ABS to activate, this will get the new fluid into the ABS unit, then re-bleed the whole system. What a pain.

Safety Note: Be sure to test the brakes before driving off, if you bleed the brakes wrong (allow air into the system), you can adversley affect your cars braking performance.

Clutch Note: Yes it uses the same reservoir, bleed it in a similar manner as the brakes. If you can't get any action back in the clutch, remove the slave and bleed again with the bleeder valve pointed upwards to allow the air bubbles to float up and out!

hope this helps,

> Thank you for assistance again!
> Sincerely
> Lars Stjernfeldt
> Helsinki, Finland


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