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From digest.v5.n58 Thu Aug 1 12:27:07 1996
From: Mauricio Lopez-Hodoyan <>
Date: Thu, 01 Aug 1996 09:38:00 -0700
Subject: Re: <E36> Removing Sunglass Holder

Put your hand in the sunglass holder face up. With you fingers feel around the top of the holder for a small circular hole. Stick your index and fore fingers in the hole (if they both fit) and push the bottom of the OBC up and out. If all goes well, the bottom of the OBC should tilt towards you about 1/4 inch. Now, with you free hand, try to pull on the OBC so that the top part comes out about a quarter of an inch also.

The OBC should now be about 1/4 inch out on all sides. Grab it with both hands and pull it up and out. NOTE: there is a a small tab centered on the bottom plane of the OBC about 1/4 inch back. You will need to make sure that tab clears the top of the sunglass holder in order to get it out (it may seem impossible but with a little effort, it will come out).

To remove the sunglass holder slide it up (in the void where the OBC used to be) and pull it out.

Installation is. . .the reverse of removal :)

Good Luck,

>Can anyone tell me how to remove the sunglasses holder and the OBC in a E36?
>94 325is

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