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From digest.v5.n82 Tue Aug 6 19:41:15 1996
Date: Tue, 6 Aug 1996 19:49:39 -0400
Subject: Drove E36 M3 Turbo

Hey all,

I was in Miami, Fl for a week long seminar and got bored. Flipped through the Roundel and saw the ad for Active Autowerke (800) 830-3596. I gave them a call and they were very happy to arange a test drive of their M3 Turbo (stage 1, 340 hp). The facility is absolutely first rate, even the floors were clean! All mechanics there were well spoken and obviously knowledgeable with BMWs. So Carl took me in his red M3, suspension stock except for the eibach springs and yoko A008s (much rougher ride than my H&Rs w/RD bars and MXX3s). He must have noticed my anticipation because he apologized for not having the car warmed up, so we drove around south Miami for a while at a slow pace. The most interesting thing during the warm up was that the car was so quiet, definitely quieter than stock, for some, this is a plus. Eventually, we worked our way to some back roads and without warning, he hammered it in second, no third, no fourth, my god he was running through the gears faster than I could believe . . . . this car is fast, it is dangerously fast, heart attack fast. On came the brakes, one heel and toe downshift, hammer in third, jeeeeez, I thought my back would be imprinted into the leather for at least one week. This continued for about ten or fifteen minutes, whew, adrenaline pumping, knees knocking and he says, "you wanna drive?"

Well, YEAH!! I WANT TO DRIVE!!!! So he pulls over and we switch seats. Car is quiet, docile, no warnings on the exterior of what this car is packing save a 4" exhaust tip. Off we go, in first gear, I let it creep up to 4000 rpm, the max torque according to Carl, hammer the right foot (heh heh), bad idea, the car is now facing forward but going diagonally to the right, the distinct odor of burning rubber fills the cabin, and Carl starts laughing - pretty cool guy. Back off the throttle, get traction, hit second gear, better traction this time but time to shift!!!! Woops, I see you have the rev limiter set at 7400 rpm, a little high I think, but Carl says it's cool

  • - his car I guess. Shift to third, round a bend, throttle on at the apex, here comes that sliding feeling again, feather the throttle, get traction, we're gone. OK Carl, I'll take it, as soon as I sell my first born (who isn't even conceived yet :-))

The car is phenomenal. Under the hood is as impressive as the facility, clean, well fitting, professional. Would pass for stock (to the unfamiliar) except the chrome pipe leading into the throttle body. Drawbacks: Carl has no cars on the race track so there is no telling if and where there is a weak link. He indicated that there are five of his turbos on the road, one of which ha been on the road since February without a glitch. He's received 200 calls since advertising it last month. He tried to explain why there is just nothing to go wrong with his system except the turbo bearings (which are protected - I forgot how) and which rarely go bad. For my money, though, I need to see his turbos on the track where they are pounded hard. Hopefully I will get to drive Will Turner's supercharger in the next year. Will has his on the track which makes me feel better about laying out that kind of $$$$$. Then comes the tough decision, to get or not to get; to turbo or to supercharge. May not get either, I am and always have been a fan of normal aspiration. I plan to keep my car for eight or ten years, forced induction may not agree with that plan :-). In any event, it is way too much car for me, hell, the stock M3 is still more car than I am driver. No sense getting the system any time soon.

Anyone thinking of getting the system is strongly encouraged to visit the facility, these are nice guys. BTW, they aligned my car while I was there and my left rear wheel had 4.4 negative camber!!!! Worse yet, it only adjusted to 3.3 negative - too radical for street driving (anybody else have this problem? Recall I added H&R 2910 springs). With some patience and tinkering (slotting), they were able to correct it to 1.9 negative (per my request) and even marked the rear bolts so that on track days, I can dial in 3.5 negative rear on both sides, and then they marked the 1.9 negative for when I finish and I am ready to back to street driving - pretty cool guys. My fronts are 2 degrees negative. I added toe out in the front and kept toe in stock in the rear. I'll post my thoughts on the set up after the next event (some time next month). I plan on running it with negative 1.9 degrees camber all around for starters since the fronts are toed out just a tad and the rears are toed in to stock specs.



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