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From digest.v5.n27 Wed Jul 24 22:16:29 1996
From: Land Shark <>
Date: Wed, 24 Jul 1996 17:31:33 -0600
Subject: Re: <E36> M3 Dinan Chip Sizzling Sounds

Richard writes:

>About 10 times now, during heavy load (e.g., going up a hill, hot weather) at
>average RPMs (3000-3500), I floor the throttle and for an split second I've
>heard something like a "sizzle" come from the engine. At this point, I ease up
>on the throttle and everything sounds "normal" again.

When you say SIZZLE .. do you mean spark knock?!?

I assume that you do for the rest of this exercise ..

>I called Dinan Eng. about this maybe six weeks ago and got plenty of attention
>from the folks there, they were honestly concerned and wanted to answer my
>questions which was encouraging. What they told me is that this sound is
>normal and that Steve Dinan and the actual chip programmer (who each drive E36
>M3s) also experience the same thing. The reasoning is that since the chip is
>walking such a fine line with the advanced ignition and fuel delivery settings
>that from time to time, it'll venture into this "sizzle zone".

They are correct .. depending on fuel quality, engine temp, air temp, and phase of the bloody moon, the S50USB30 motor is sensitive to spark knock in the 2800-4100 rpm range with most experiencing a BIT of it right around 3000-3500 .. since it is momentary there is little to fret ... the knock sensor hears it .. does the job ..

Also try switching BRANDS of gas ....

>1. I'd like to hear from anybody else who is hearing the same things.

See above

>2. I'd be interested in opinions about the problem itself.


>3. Do drivers of E36 M3s with other performance chips (Jim C., Autothority,
>et. al.) in them get these sounds?

Well, since I have my chip in my car .. yes, I get it also .. I actually get MORE of it, since I'm running my spark tables a bit hotter than Dinan, APE, or even the chips I produce for my good net.friends ...

No damage .. and I DO check my plugs every 3000 miles!!

Of course, all those legal disclaimers apply .. YMMV, etc ..


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