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FAQ file for the BMW mailing list. FAQ file for the BMW mailing list.

version 4.0

Last updated 5/13/96

Send suggestions or changes to: Rick


    * 1.: INDEX (this file)
     0.1: Organization of the FAQ
     0.2: Downloading the FAQ
    1.: BMWs, A Brief Introduction
     1.1: Body Styles
     1.2: Motors
     1.3: BMW VINs

    + 2.: BMW, Clubs and Information Sources
     * 2.1: BMW AG and BMW NA
     * 2.2: BMW CCA
     * 2.3: Other clubs and organizations
     * 2.4: BMW information on the Internet
     * 2.5: BMW books & Manuals

    3.: Various Interesting Stuff
     * 3.1: Winter Driving and BMWs
     * 3.2: Renting a BMW
     * 3.3: Buying a used BMW
     * 3.4: Driving Schools
     * 3.5: Mail-order and other parts stores
     * 3.6: Visiting BMW
    4.: General Technical Info 
     * 4.1: Gasoline and Additives
     * 4.2: Oil and Additives
     * 4.3: Coolant
     * 4.4: Brakes and AST
     * 4.5: AC (esp New Regulations)
     * 4.6: Snow Tires
     * 4.7: Miscellaneous
    * 5.: Washing, Waxing and Detailing
     * 5.1: Waxes
     * 5.2: Wheel Cleaners
     * 5.3: Leather/Vinyl Care
     * 5.4: On Silicone protectants
    6.: Stereo and Alarm systems 
    * 7.: General Repair Info (not model-specific) 
     * 7.1: Engine
     * 7.2: Brakes
     * 7.3: HVAC
     * 7.4: Body, etc
     * 7.5: Electrical
     * 7.6: Misc
    8.: General Performance Modifications
     * 8.1: Chips
     * 8.2: Air filters
     * 8.3: Brakes
     * 8.4: Differentials
     * 8.5: Theory
    9.: Older BMWs (Early '80s and before, 1500s, Bavarias, 3.0s, etc) 
    10.: Specialty Bimmers (Z1, Isetta, etc) 
    11.: ///M cars (M1, M3, M5, M6) 
    12.: Big Bimmers (7-series, 8-series) 
    13.: 2002 
    * 14.: E24 & E28 ('76-'89 6-series and '82-'88 5-series)
    15.: E30 ('84-'91 3-series) (includes 'iX and ETA info) 
    16.: E34 ('89-'95 5-series)
    17.: E36 ('92-present 3-series)
    18.: E39 ('95-present 5-series) 
    19.: Z3 

============================= 0.1: Organization of the FAQ ============================= This FAQ is, for the most part, assembled from posts to the bmw-digest mailing list. The posts have been collected by topic, and in some cases edited for brevity and with additional comments. In most cases the name and e-mail.addr of the poster is included. We have tried to keep this FAQ as accurate as possible. Posts have been selected that are either clearly factual or best represent the collective opinion of the list. Where there are very different opinions, we have tried to include informative posts from both sides. The first 9 chapters hold information general to all BMWs. The last 10 hold information specific to one or more models. More model-specific chapters will be added as new models are introduced. Each chapter (e.g. FAQ.5) begins with an index of the topics (e.g. 5.3) and sub-topics (e.g. 5.3.4). In the first chapters the topics are somewhat arbitrary. In the model specific chapters the topics are uniform, covering things like Engine, Brakes, etc. In the text, each topic is preceeded by it's number, and surrounded by lines like this: ========================= 5.3: Nothing in Particular ========================= Sub-topics have a line before them, but not after: ========================= 5.3.4: Some fine details about nothing Within each sub-topic, different posts are preceed by a thinner line and the name of the poster: --------------------- (by Rick Kjeldsen, My opinions about the fine details of nothing..... ========================= 0.2: Downloading the FAQ ========================= ************** NOTE ************** The instructions below are not currently valid, as the files at balltown have not yet been updated from the old version of the FAQ. Till further notice get the new faq via the web at: or and selecting the "General FAQ" link. ************** The FAQ may now be obtained from via one of two methods. FTP: anonymous ftp may be used to obtain copies of the FAQ. ftp login: anonymous Password: cd misc/Autos/bmw get README get FAQ.0 get FAQ.1 ... get FAQ.19 EMAIL: the FAQ may also be obtained using email to send a message to majordomo, and include in the body commands such as the following: index bmw-digest get bmw-digest README get bmw-digest FAQ.0 get bmw-digest FAQ.1 ... get bmw-digest FAQ.19
Other pointers: * Guide to High Performance Handling (from the Sacramento Valley region, PCA)
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