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From digest.v4.n676 Mon Jun 3 16:07:19 1996
Date: Mon, 3 Jun 96 16:17:31 EDT
Subject: R-12 Purchase

Pep Boys is selling the one pound cans, that why I think there is a sudden interest in getting the EPA certification (I sent for the kit today from ESCO). The 30lb can costs $549, the one pounders cost like $19 or so. You do not need any permit to buy the equipment to deliver the gas, JC Whitney sells it. Now, if you actually care about recycling any gas from your existing system, then you need some higher end equipment. I'm not worried about this cause I don't expect to get the Al Gore medal this year anyway. If you just want to pump up your existing system with one pound cans, you can do it with the the EPA certificate and as long as you don't evacuate your current system, you won't release any R12. Now, the big questions, how long is the shelf life of a can of properly stored R12? The tax on this stuff is only going up, so it might pay to buy the 30lb can if it will last for many years on the shelf. Somewhere along the line, I can see myself owning an older R12 car and needing it...

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