Service / Modification record





10/97 129k
  • installed Nardi wood steering wheel
  • installed Bavarian Auto wood shift knob
  • installed Blau stereo and cd changer to existing alpine/boston system
  • installed TSW Imola wheels and Dunlop tires from Discount Tire
  • installed new plugs/wires/cap/rotor
  • 10/97 129k
  • water pump and correct pulley
  • all new belts
  • most new coolant hoses
  • all new fuel lines under the hood
  • correctly routed wiring under intake manifold
  • new guibo
  • new (rebuilt) driveshaft
  • fixed front swaybar links
  • new shifter bushings and lower shift lever
  • rebuilt entire sunroof assembly
  • installed new motor mounts and transmission mount
  • Beyer Motor Works did this work
    4/2/98 130k
  • installed used strut housing, original one was bent causing massive camber on the drivers front wheel and associated tire wear.
  • Beyer Motor Works did this work
    4/27/98 131k
  • new Repco/Axxis Deluxe brake pads
  • new Balo rotors
  • rebuilt rear calipers
  • flushed brake/clutch hydraulics with ATE Blue
  • Bought parts from Mesa Performance
    5/25/98 133k
  • new Bilstein struts/shocks
  • new passenger side tie-rod assembly
  • replaced fuel like near fuel pump, old one was cracked and possibly leaking
  • replaced bungee cords holding up muffler with factory rubber o-ring
  • checked alternator voltage, it's fine
  • fabricated holder for O2 sensor wire
  • swapped front passenger window switch for rear passenger door switch
  • replaced brake sensors
  • added caps to all brake caliper bleed nipples
  • checked for air in brake system by doing a quick bleed of the system.
  • plugged hole in right rear tire
  • Worked with Dan Patzer from Bimmers Only all day Memorial day getting the cars suspension into shape.
    6/1/98 133k
  • installed upper strut bearings
  • installed drivers side tie-rod assembly
  • replaced differential mount
  • retorqued cylinder head and check valve settings
  • replaced front/rear brake lines
  • changed brake fluid to Petosin
  • Working with Dan Patzer from Bimmers Only on all of these things

    7/15/98 134k
  • alignment done
  • 8/30/98 135,104 miles
  • changed oil to Mobil 1 15w50 and new bmw filter
  • fixed glove box latch
  • fixed broken lock on rear door, we can open it again!
  • 9/20/98 135,330 miles
  • fixed glove box latch, with a new part this time
  • fixed windshield wipers by replacing the whole unit with a used motor and linkage (transmission) from the salvage yard, Campbell/Nelson in Edmonds,WA.
  • replaced the coolant overflow tank with new one
  • replaced upper radiator hose, now all of them have been replaced
  • 9/21/98 135,330 miles
  • fixed drivers power window by replacing loose screw with 8mm bolt loctited in place and 2 nuts on the end.
  • fixed passengers door, door brake. used e28 part
  • lubed both front door lock mechanisms
  • 1/99 136k
  • removed alternator for rebuild
  • Lake Serene auto electric rebuilt with new brushes/voltage regulator
  • made new ground strap for alternator
  • cut off old corroded alt + connector and added new one
  • cleaned both battery connections extra well
  • this has fixed the battery dying problem
  • replaced drivers door seal/window channel
  • 2/99 137k
  • replaced all rubber fuel lines
  • replaced leaking #1 fuel injector
  • replaced clutch master cyl
  • replaced clutch slave cyl
  • replaced hose connecting clutch master and slave
  • Dan Patzer from Bimmers Only performed this work.
    6/99 140k
  • changed oil with Mobil 1 15/50 and Bosch filter
  • removed front P.O.S. amp, and most of the previous owners wiring
  • 11/99 142k
  • removed Alpine rear amp, and just ran straight power from the Blaupunkt deck. Huge improvement, that amp was trash after being in there for a long time.
  • installed new Boston Acoustics 6x9's in rear deck, nice!
  • 1/2000 143k
  • removed tint from all windows, what a difference!!
  • 2/2000 143k
  • replaced heater blower motor. List price $140. Bought mail order from dealer for 25% off at $101. Local dealer wanted $175!!
  • 3/08/2000 143k
  • changed oil with Mobil 1 15/50 and Mahle filter
  • 3/09/2000 143k
  • Car made terrible racket just driving up our gravel driveway. Jacked it up and looked underneath, the diff mount tore out of it's mounting bolts. For some reason, there were only 2 bolts instead of 4. Turned mount 180 and reinstalled, back on the road. New mount and 4 new bolts on order.
  • ???


  • lube and fix power door locks
  • replace power window motor in rear passenger side door
  • replace power window switch in rear passenger door
  • fix strips in rear window defroster
  • someday 200+k

    ENG Order Number 59 VIN WZxxxNNNL - nnnnnnn
    ENG Model 1113 Special Edition Number
    ENG Upholstery (body)Color 218 Recall
    ENG Upholstery-(out?) Invoice Number