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BMW Digest FAQ Version 4.0

Section 16: E34 ('89-'95 5-series)

Table of Contents:

16.1: Overview
16.2: Body
16.3: Engine
16.4: Suspension & Steering

16.4.1: Thrust Rod service bulletin 16.5: Brakes
16.6: HVAC
16.7: Electrical
16.8: Misc
16.9: Performance

16.1: Overview

16.2: Body

16.3: Engine

NOTE, many E34's share engines with the E28 5-series, refer to that section for more info (14)

16.4: Suspension & Steering
16.4.1: Thrust Rod service bulletin

Service Information Bulletin Number 31 02 88 (1782), January 1989

Subject: Thrust Rod Bushing
Model: 5 Series (E-34) produced up to mid-November 1988 Situation: E-34 vehicles produced prior to the chassis numbers listed
            below may not have the hydraulic thrust rod bushings installed,
            which can be recognized by a plastic clip on each side of the
            [Translation: car *should* have hydraulic TRB which has white
            plastic triangular-shaped washer around the hole on either end
            of the bushing; early production cars may have non-hydraulic

            Model  Chassis Number
            -----  --------------
            525i   151 8697
            525iA  208 4059
            535i   217 3993
            535iA  209 3600

Correction: Replace the rubber thrust rod bushings with the hydraulic style, P/N 31 12 1 136 606. This should be done as part of the Pre-Delivery Inspection on any vehicles that have not yet been sold, or during the next workshop visit of cars that have already been retailed. [emphasis on previous sentence here.]

Installation Information

For removal of thrust rods use special tools 88 88 6 312 140, see S.I. 04 01 89 (1787).

To avoid damage to the hydraulic bushings, they must be installed very carefully, by strictly following the guidelines below. Improper installation will damage the rubber and cause the loss of hydraulic fluid. If this happens, the bushing will not function as designed.

  1. Use only BMW special tools (numbers 88 88 6 311 052 and 88 88 6 311 053) in a hydraulic press to install the bushings. Any other method may cause the bushing to cock to one side, damaging the bushing.
  2. Before pressing in, align the arrow cast into the plastic clip of the bushing to the indicator cast into the thrust rod.
  3. Check the contact area of tool 88 88 6 311 052 on the bushing. Contact must only be made on the outer metal sleeve of the bushing. If the tool contacts the plastic clip, file a small amount of material off the points of the clip to allow the tool to sit squarely on the metal sleeve without contacting the plastic.
  4. When re-installing the thrust rod assembly, care should be taken to ensure that the plastic clips and rubber portion of the bushing are not hit or damaged. [end of bulletin]

16.5: Brakes

16.6: HVAC

16.7: Electrical

16.8: Misc

16.9: Performance
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