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Date: Thu, 8 Jul 1999 17:24:03 -0500
Subject: [E36M3] Re: e36m3-digest V1 #631

Ken gaspingly wrote:

I live in North New Jersey, not far from BMW's headquarters. I was on a twisty back road in Mahwah, NJ. There I was, minding my own business, in passive driving mode when I looked in my rear view and saw this, this BRIGHT BLUE THING FLYING up on my ass, it was an M5 with manufacturer plates on it. This guy decided to ride my bumper for a while. As I looked into my rear view I saw two guys in suits, the driver with these cheesy driving gloves on looking at each other and laughing their asses off. I was like F**K this!! Off went my A/C, off went my stereo, it was time to play!!

Keeping in mind that my 5 speed 98M3/4 is bone stock except for my AA exhaust, I knew I would have my hands full!

So I down shift to 2nd and take off. As expected this guy was right on my ass almost as if he knew when I was going to hit the gas! Around the turns we go (Boy was I glad that I was acclimated with that road) and boy did my new Pole Positions get pushed that day. His car did not have as much body roll as I thought it might have as I looked back, my car definitely the more nimble of the two. There was a point when he tried to pass me on a straight a way. He got the jump on that one and started to POWER past me. I got on my M going hard enough to hold him off from passing me (Nor was I going to just let him in either) I must say that if that road was longer that he definitely would have passed me with authority! I guess I shouldn't feel that bad, after all, he has many more ponies under his hood than mine. This all happened on one of those 100+ degree days we had too as a side note.

We finally both pulled over and talked to each other for a little bit. They were very cool and were VERY interested in my exhaust. My first comment to them was "Well, you had enough time back there to check it out, did you like the way it sounded, sorry, I had to say that " They laughed and replied, seriously who makes it? They never heard of AA before, I knew they wouldn't. Anyway, the cool part was that got to drive the 5 after a little coaxing. THAT CAR IS AN ANIMAL! --- Enough said..

Is it me, or does this post have a definite "Dear P---house Forum: I always thought these letters were made up until ..." ring to it? <g>

John Jones (no bright blue things flying up MY ass, thank you.)

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