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Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2000 15:25:14 -0800
From: Roger Baker <>
Subject: Re: Power steering leak and new tires

Have you tried just replacing the factory clamps??? The E36's all seem to leak like crazy from these hoses until you replace the factory non-adjustable clamps with some real clamps. It's enough of a problem I've heard of some dealers doing the same thing. Both the E36's I've had have leaked here until I replaced the clamps. Even the new hoses will leak after a while if your dealer's service dept. uses the stock type clamps.

Roger Baker

"Robert Chay" <> wrote: >
> I just dropped off my car at Beverly Hills BMW and they quoted me $230 for
> the 2 ps hoses and $300 for the labor. My question is... Is this a
> reasonable price for this job? I'm thinking it's a little high but I'm going

Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2000 19:58:00 EST
Subject: RE: [E36M3] Power steering leak and new tires

The common parts, and the only ones, that fail on the power steering system are the power steering intake manifold hose (hose that leads from the resivoir to the pump) and the return line (the tubular thingie thats bolted to the rack).

I think the cause is just bad materials (DEFECTIVE) where rubber meets metal. BMW has not redesigned this system.

They go bad on E36s, E39s, E38s, and i'm sure a whole lot of other BMWs.

Warranty Labor pays about 5 FRU (Flat Rate Units) or about 30min.. maybe less.

It takes me less than an hour to do both hoses, plus adding power steering fluid (ATF, CHF 11S or 7.1) and bleeding the system.

Labor rates will depend on what you came into the dealer for. If you had a complaint of noisy steering or steering is hard, diagnoisis time will be

included which can be 30min or an hour. I wouldn't go over 90mins though. But yeah, $300 for labor is too much.

Jonathan Caldito
*Done about half a dozen power steering hoses. Gotta love them PS intake manifold hoses though!*

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