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From digest.v5.n153 Tue Aug 27 13:26:51 1996
From: (daniel j. chin)
Date: Tue, 27 Aug 1996 10:46:02 -0700
Subject: <E36 M3> new strut and spring options soon

Hi folks,

In my search for suspension parts to upgrade my 96 M3 Lux, i've been concerned about both (i) ride height and (ii) firmness. My application is only for street use and spirited driving amongst canyon & mountain roads in Southern Calif.

Good things have been said about Bilsteins and adjustable Koni's on this list (from Carl Buckland). However, one vendor mentioned anecdotal evidence of better reliability with the Bilsteins. Anthony at BMP this morning mentioned that Bilstein will be coming out with a specially designed front strut and rear shock for E36 M3's- its due sometime this winter, perhaps Jan. Evidently, current models are slight modifications of existing inventory/supplies.

BMP and perhaps other vendors will be carrying stiffer springs (about 200 lb/front and 380/rear) that will _not_ lower the carsufficient numbers of E36 M3 owners have requested this (i've bottomed my car out entering my building's underground garage entrance with 2 passengers). Currently, the Dinan springs lower the car .75 in; H&R 1.5 in/front and 1 in/rear.

Finally, BOGE is finishing development on a comparatively less-costly coilover system (over currently available units). However, they will still be about 2x the cost of springs/struts.

With such modifications, my hope is to bring my 96 M3 _up_ to the handling characteristics of a Dinan Stage3 suspension on my 87 325i with a Dinan 2.8L Stroker. Its really interesting driving the 2 cars back to back- the M3 has more power at the top-end (and breathes better), but it feels ponderous and soft in the twisties. Until larger anti-roll bars were put in, the M3 also understeered and had excessive body roll.

96 M3 Lux, BostonGreen/Modena, Dinan airbox/exhaust, snorkel, RD bars 87 Dinan 325i Stroker with many mods,

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