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From Thu Nov 30 20:51:05 2000
for <>; Thu, 30 Nov 2000 20:51:04 -0800
From: Lowe Seaton <>
Subject: Bilstein Shocks (was Eibach sway)
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2000 20:50:30 -0800
X-Topica-Loop: 1700001364
by with SMTP; 1 Dec 2000 04:50:28 -0000
by (mail_out_v28.34.) id u.9c.96d1d48 (16781);
Thu, 30 Nov 2000 23:49:57 -0500 (EST)

hatrak writes:

> PS. The car is going from a Bilstein & H&R setup back to new factory struts
> and springs. I can't wait to have a smoother ride again. The setup I had
> was just plain terrible!


I feel your pain - literally!! LOL I just completed a 1,500 mile holiday trip on Bilstein and stock like Dinan springs. Talk about brutal. Ugh! I can tell you the front Bilstein struts are to blame. They are massive and hard as a rock.

But I would not go back to factory struts just yet. As much as dislike the Bilstein struts, I hate the factory Boge struts. They are junk, junk, JUNK!!! If you use them, I would recommend replacing them every 2 years or sooner. They don't last.

I've taken 4 sets of factory struts off various M3's with 44K to 63K miles. The one with 63K, you could compress the strut with your pinkie and the shaft never rebounded. Mine only had 44K and were not much stronger.

It explains some of my horrible handling traits the last year. It got so bad it was not safe to drive my M3 hard. If I stopped hard, my back end would come around. Turns out my front nose was diving and weight shifted to the front and the rear wheels had very little weight on them. And I could not even think about quick left-right turns. The handling was so upset it was scary. I thought my M3 was falling apart. I never dreamed the shocks could be that bad in just 30,000 miles.

What to do? Don't give up on the Bilstein just yet. You can have them revalved. Jim Powell could speak more on this subject. He has actually had his Bilstein revalved.

I inquired. I called Bilstein and spoke to the Dallas area rep. Very very knowledgeable guy. He said the Bilstein M3 struts/shocks were designed for the European M3 stock springs. I've heard the Euro springs are slightly stiffer than the U.S. so I thought their over-the-counter Sport shocks might work. All I can say is the Euro springs must be way stiffer than U.S. models. These Bilsteins are way too much for my Dinan springs.

I will give my Bilstein struts another couple of months. If I still am losing teeth, I'll send them off to be revalved. I believe it costs $75 each. Cheaper than buying new BMW junk struts. Just an idea.

Lowell Seaton
'95 M3/2
Dallas, Texas

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