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From digest.v7.n142 Tue Aug 19 20:42:25 1997
From: "Laurence S. Wright" <>
Date: Tue, 19 Aug 1997 17:32:30 -0700
Subject: Re: <E36 M3> Steering problems

Hi Jeff

I immediately recognized your problem and thought several others might be interested. This happened to me at Putnam Park last year on turn 8( sharp left hand turn). The problem was that I had pulled the motor mounts through the tabs they were bolted on to on the frame. It was a deceptive problem because the mounts were in good condition but the bolts had been pulled through the metal. When the car was driven "normally" there was no problem.

As I drove home from the track the noise would appear when I hit sharp bumps. When I got to the dealer our first inspection didn't reveal the problem until we got a pry bar to apply pressure to the mounts. It was then that we saw the whole mount and bolt pull up throught the tab on the frame.

Upon discovery we welded very large washers to the tabs to help spread some of the load. The problem is that the tabs have several holes predrilled in them to accomodate various engine options in the E36. Each engine requires a different mounting location.

Hope this helps
Larry Wright 95 M3 supercharged and coil overs

> From: Jeff Tarr <>
> Date: Tue, 19 Aug 97 08:29:02 -0400
> Subject: <E36 M3> Steering problems
> Hi Everyone-
> While at the Bridge this past weekend my car starting exhibiting a scary
> problem: The steering wheel would intermittently get stuck in the
> right-hand turned position. I'd come out of a right hand turn and try to
> turn the wheel back to the left and it would be stuck -I'd feel a little
> flex but it wouldn't turn. If I cranked on the wheel with all my strength
> I felt/heard a pop and then steering would resume.
> Has anyone seen this before and does anyone have any ideas what could
> cause this? I've already checked the steering column for clearance, the
> front wheels for rubbing with body work, and the power steering fluid
> level.
> Thanks.
> - --Jeff
> - ---
> Jeff Tarr

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