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From digest.v7.n822 Wed Dec 24 13:39:14 1997
From: "Jason H. Leung" <>
Date: Tue, 23 Dec 1997 20:04:47 -0600
Subject: e36 spring rates info & Racing Dynamics status update from Mr. Rust

I thought I'd give the digest a status update on the Racing Dynamics (of Electrodyne infamy) fiasco.


Federico L Pavoncelli , the chairman of Racing Dynamics SpA, contacted me directly to inquire into my situation.

>Could you contact me directly regarding the problem you are having with
>your springs? Thank you.
>Racing Dynamics SpA
>Federico L Pavoncelli

I did not solicit his help, and his willingness to contact me directly is enormously appreciated. Advantage: RD SpA.


I got several replies that critisized Bavarian Auto's customer service as of late. These replies have all echoed my experience, which is that a few years ago, they had truly *excellent* customer service, but as of late, it seems that something has *changed* there, and there customer service is down in the pits. Bav Auto: prove us wrong!


I did some research into aftermarket E36 springs. The following WORKING spring rates come from Eibach, Korman, BMP, Dinan, and Carl Buckland (from his old posts.) I hope this helps someone make their decision. Note that I could not get info on Electrodyne springs (noone ever answers the phone) and RDSport (Radius) springs have yet to arrive in the States.

Spring Front Rate Rear Rate

Stock e36 M3 105 lbs/in 335 lbs/in

H&R sport M3            200 lbs/in              380 lbs/in  
                        (285 spring only)       (410 s.o.)

Eibach ProKit M3        148 lbs/in              428 lbs/in      

Sachs e36 M3 coilovers  215 lbs/in              395 lbs/in      

H&R sport 325i 200 lbs/in 350 lbs/in

Eibach ProKit 325i 148 lbs/in 314 lbs/in

Korman Roadsport 140 lbs/in 256 lbs/in

Dinan 325i      "approximately 25-30% stiffer, and a little stiffer 
                 than Euro M3"  proprietary info.

It is interesting to note that front M3 spring rates are identical to front 325i spring rates (for Eibach and H&R). The rear sping rates on the M3s are stiffer than the 325i rates, dialing out more understeer I assume.

It is also interesting (information new to me at least) that H&R was formed by a group of ex-Eibach guys. At least this is what Eibach told me.

Of course, all information posted by me in this post should be taken with a grain of salt, because for all you know, I may be a raging baboon.

Cheers...I'm getting engaged this holiday season! Does this mean I can apply for the UUC now? Am I no longer a part of the OAUC? (Obviously Apparent Upgrade Club)

  • -- Jason Leung 1992 325iK Windy City Chapter BMW CCA 140170
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