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From digest.v7.n1338 Wed Mar 18 17:46:56 1998
From: Neil Maller <>
Date: Wed, 18 Mar 1998 15:12:37 -0500
Subject: Re: <E36 M3> H&R Springs

Jim Powell "POWELL"<> writes: <snip>

>     I spoke with Roland last Thursday (3/5) and watch out.  The 29910 is 
> for the '95 M3. my '98 and perhaps the 96-97 requires the 29910.2 > set. this is because the top spring seat is different. H&R > documentation in their own box is less than helpful boys and girls. > Call Roland and verify what you need to buy. He's a very nice guy > BTW.

I spoke to Roland at H&R today to clarify, and yes, he is a very helpful guy.

Here's the deal. The front strut upper spring perch was reduced in diameter by about 10 mm after the 95 model year. If you have the factory 3.2 engine (96 model year and later), you have the new smaller spring perch.

This necessitates a corresponding change to the upper coils of the H&R springs, designated by p/n 29910.2 vs. 29910 for the 95 M3.

Also, in addition to the H&R springs listed in Carl Buckland's post (which started this discussion) there is the 29936 (M3 rear only) which lowers the back by almost 1.5", compared to 0.75" for the otherwise similar 29910. This was developed for those who felt that the rear looks too high with the otherwise similar 29910.

I add:

The small or large spring perches along with their rubber cushion liners can in fact be interchanged should it become necessary for some reason to fit 3.2 H&R springs to a 3.0 car or vice versa.

It should be pretty obvious if anyone ends up with the wrong front spring/perch combination, since the springs wouldn't seat properly at the top.

Thanks to Jim Powell for flagging this issue, and to Carl for posting the initial information.

96 M3

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