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Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2000 11:56:01 EST
Subject: Re: Crash Bolts (was E36 M3 pulling)

><< Part number(s) Mr. Sipe? >>
>Don't have them with me, will have to look up and post later.

The number is 07 11 99 00 58 7. If I remember correctly they're about $2-3 each. The parts guy may tell you you'll also need two new washers and two new nuts, but the old ones fit just fine. <g>

Mark's right about the documentation -- it's very sketchy. We've even gotten copies of a memo outlining the use of the crash bolts, sent to a dealer from BMW NA on *plain* letterhead with no BMW identification whatsoever!

If anyone can come up with an honest-to-God BMW Tech Bulletin that authorizes the use of these bolts, please let us know.

--Bob Tunnell

Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2000 13:08:17 EST
Subject: Re: E36 Camber Correction Bolt?

In a message dated 1/6/00 10:08:22 AM, Mike Miller writes:

>Could someone please post a refresher course on the E36 camber correction
>bolt, what it does and how to use it? Thanks!

The front strut on an E36 fastens to the hub in three places with three bolts. Two are at the very bottom of the strut and bolt directly through the strut into the hub, perpendicular to the direction of travel.

The third (and this is the one we're talking about) is parallel to the direction of travel, about 4" above the other two, and passes through two tabs on the strut and mounting flange on the hub. The holes are machined to fit snugly around the OEM bolt. However, the "crash bolt" (which replaces the upper OEM bolt) is a slightly smaller diameter and allows for a mm or so of play between the strut and hub. This slop is what permits the approx. 1/2-degree camber change.

Be sure to tighten these bolts securely. These bolts do slip sometimes under extremely hard use, such as road racing. I've also seen them slip sometimes in autocrossing, but not very often. Street driving -- no problem.

Seems like lazy engineering to me, but VW, Toyota, and others have been doing it for years.

Hope that helps,


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