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From digest.v4.n850 Wed Jul 17 07:06:01 1996
Date: Wed, 17 Jul 1996 03:18:11 -0400
Subject: Sway Bar Noise

  • ------------------------- Begin Original ------------------------- From: Date: Tue, 16 Jul 1996 16:21:12 -0400 Subject: Sway bar noise

Anyone have any suggestions for getting rid of aftermarket sway bar noise?
My mechanic says that they need to be re-greased about once a month if I
want the noise gone. I can do this, but there must be an easier way to quiet
them down. It's not a squeeking noise, it's a clunk clunk over small bumps -

I tried teflon tape b/w the bar and the bushings and this helped for about
ten miles and then the clunking resumed. At least I know the clunking is
coming from the bar where it goes through the bushing. Help!

If teflon tape is the way to go, any instructions and/or advice on a certain
kind of teflon would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise, any ideas/suggestions?

Thanks a million

'95 M3
RD Sway Bars

Dear Dan,
Sorry to hear about your problem, but at least I'm not alone now! This has also been driving me crazy and making me depressed because I did not know where the noise was coming from and the sound was rather frightening as I thought the suspension was about to fall off. Initially sound was in the back but today sounded closer to front.

Here's my story.

About 2 weeks ago I did a complete supension change for my 95 M3 all by myself. This included the recent RD Sway bars, Dinan Stage 4 springs,shocks,struts, and camber plates. The following week, my Supersprint headers and muffler was installed by a shop. Soon , I began hearing clunking noises exactly as you describe. Mostly at slow speeds and never while at on the freeway. I was so afraid that I failed to tighten my shocks well enough despite using a torque wrench but dreaded having to remove all the trunk insulation to check. I also considered possible interference with the new exhaust parts as the sway bar end will hit the exhaust pipes only if rear is lifted and the suspension is allowed to hang.

Then I remembered hearing the exact same noise on my previous Eclipse Turbo for which I had Suspension Techniques sway bars with urethane bushings. The exact cause of the noise was also never determined.

I suspected the sway bar bushings but discounted the possibility because I thought I would have expected more of a squeek rather than a clunk which I can actually feel vibrating through the chasis.

Just last Saturday, I removed the rear wheels and inspected the supension shock and springs. I was not able to detect anything loose, but I have still been afraid that some metal piece was grinding somewhere which I could not find.

Initially I used Lithium Moly grease. I do have some Mobile 1 synthetic grease which I can try. Maybe we can also try graphite lube. Loctite makes a liquid teflon pipe sealer that you put on piping threads that may work.
Hope we can work on this problem together and maybe other guys can help. At least I can sleep better know and not worry about the supension falling off!

Scott H.

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