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From Thu Feb 10 10:07:06 2000
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From: "=?Iso-8859-1?Q?Resepsjon_H=F8yre?=" <>
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Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2000 18:49:17 +0100
Subject: '<e36> survey entry'
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6 months ago I purchased a 1992 316i (European spec.) with a mileage of nearly 330.000 km - over 206.000 miles! I'm not kidding! However, the car came with an enormous stack of bills for engine work, and it seems practically half of the engine has recently been renewed, in addition to fairly new (lowering) springs, dampers, brakes all around and also a new clutch. Also, rather extensive bodywork including a complete (and good) repaint has been done, and the car appeared to be in a very good condition indeed! The six months since have passed without any special incidents, except a change of some bulbs and relays, nothing major, in other words, and the car runs beautifully on 205mm. tires. For the summer I am planning a grand tour of Europe with my girlfriend, taking us from my home in Norway through Denmark, Germany, over the Alps, along the Italian and French Riviera before we return through Provence, Switzerland and Germany... and all this will happen in the elegantly black, though a bit underpowered, 316i... Hopefully all will go well and give us great memories when we move on to that silver 325i I am looking for.

P. K. Wahlstedt, Kristansand, Norway, 1992 E36 BMW 316i

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