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From Sun Jan 3 13:43:44 1999
for <>; Sun, 3 Jan 1999 13:43:43 -0800
by (IMOv18.1) id QZYDa18626
for <>; Sun, 3 Jan 1999 16:41:54 -0500 (EST)
Date: Sun, 3 Jan 1999 16:41:54 EST
Subject: '<e36>%20survey%20entry'
Status: O

Well my name is Terrell and I own a 1992 BMW 325I and here are some of the problems I have had in the last six months. I only have owned the car for two years and this is what I had to deal with. The rear end had to be re done on it because it had broke from the frame of the car $1300.00. After that the AC compressor went out $800.00 then the Radiator went out $375.00. But that isn't it yet I had to go and get the fog lights repaired which cost me $175.00 and the transmission went out on it and that cost me a whopping $3,385.00 and the wrecker who towed my car to the transmission place bent my rear control arm by wrapping the tow chain around it and refused to pay for the damages which was $300.00. My sunroof stop working but the motor is good but all the parts in the sunroof where damaged. The Cruise control stop working and I had to replace one of the spark plug wires and repair the spark plug hole that was stripped out from the old spark plug. But believe it or not this is a show car I took third place in the NOPI Nationals in Atlanta, Georgia you probably would think I did not have any problems if you seen the car because it does look very nice it has a Remus Exhaust, Racing Dynamic strut brace, Eibach springs, 17" TSW Concept chrome rims 215/45/17" and 235/40/17" Nitto 501 tires, Sony deck and 10 disc changer, 15"JL Audio competition Woofer, Fosgate amp, cellular phone, K&N intake, and last but not least Dinan performance Chip. I am a certified mechanic and I performed all of the repairs and modification because if I had to pay labor woul have been a B-----. Anyway right now I was thinking what else could go wrong and do I have to much invested to get rid of it and would you believe on the 1st of the year I goes to get in the car and realize that the clutch pedal was all the way to the floor and I haven't figured that out yet and if I don't it will go to the shop on Monday. I just thought I would share my little survey of my 325I and so give me a hollar back later. By the way I believe I am justy having bad luck because before this car I had an Accord with everything the Bimmer has and it burned because of a recall on it that I wasn't notified about. Anyway Thanks for reading my article because I have been really frustrated lately and I glad somebody wanted to listen.

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