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Date: 8 Jun 1997 03:10:33 -0400
Subject: Stereo Information for '97 318Ti

Maybe some of this can go on the FAQ. After a month of investigation I finally had a stereo put in.

First of all, I put in a Kenwood in-dash CD player with a 10 disc changer in the trunk for $650(US) plus tax. I would much rather have this setup than spending equal money on the factory changer because I don't have any tapes and now I have preouts for a sub-amp.

On the factory stereo. The head unit says Alpine right on it. The speakers are made by Nokia. The Amp is 20 watts into 10 channels. Each speaker has its own channel and each channel in the amp has built in crossovers. This makes a real mess. If you want to put an aftermarket amp (I have a Soundstream) they have to custom wire crossovers into the speakers because the factory ones are in the amp you would be taking out. This is expensive. So if you want to go different amp, then you either spend a lot of money having crossovers wired or just bite the bullet and have all new speakers put in with their own separate crossovers in addition to the new amp.

Personally, I left the stock amp and speakers in and will probably add a single channel sub-amp with a subwoofer or two. With a CD player, the factory setup sounds good. No, it doesn't sound as good as the Soundstream amp and Boston Acoustics speakers I had in my previous car but it sounds really good for factory stuff. Just needs more low end.

Don't let your dealer tell you they can't wire aftermarket decks into '97 models. Mine did, obviously they lied. And my new Kenwood gets MUCH better reception. The factory unit was the worst reception I have ever experienced but then Seattle is one of the worst cities for radio reception.

Craig Moslander

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