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From: (Kenyons)
Subject: re: speaker upgrade

Derek wrote:

Has anyone done a speaker upgrade to their stock stereo?

Someone told me the only way to upgrade the stereo is to replace the whole system because of the way the speaker's crossovers are integrated into the system, or something like that. Why can't I just replace the existing speakers with better quality ones?

Also, does anyone know who makes the stock BMW speakers? I have the "200 watt premium" one from the dealer -- I guess this is standard now in the newer models.


I had the base system in my '95. Pretty junky. I first replaced the head unit with an Alpine and installed an Alpine 6 CD changer using the factory bracket (had to drill some extra holes in the bracket - no biggie).

The factory speakers were real junk - made by Nokia, light as a feather. I installed a Boston Acoustics component 5 1/4" woofers w/ 1" tweeters (Rallye series). Pretty simple- Just get the kick panels off and 5 1/4' speakers fit in the factory holes. Some actually won't fit, if they don't have oblong holes allowing some leeway in screw placement - BAs fit fine though. Disconnected the factory door tweeter, just left them there. Put the BA tweeters on the A pillars resting on the dash - held on with velcro to the A pillar upholstery only. Works great! HUGE sound improvement. The rear speakers (4" coaxial round speakers with wierd lock rings, no screws) can only be replaced, as far as I know, with a specific model of MB Quart that also have these lock rings. Haven't done this yet, they cost about $280-. I use the cheesy factory rears for a little fill.

Todd Kenyon 95 318tics

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