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From digest.v5.n12 Mon Jul 22 11:53:25 1996
From: (Ephraim Fithian)
Date: Mon, 22 Jul 1996 11:16:47 +0100
Subject: BETTER SPEAKERS FOR 93 325IS writes:

>If anyone has been successful in replacing the stock speakers in the 325is
>93, please help. I would like to use the existing baffle to mount the new
>speakers if possible. The problem is that the stock bass speaker measures
>4.5 inches and the tweeter measures 1.75 inches.
>The speakers are made by NOKIA.
>I was hoping to install Boston Accoustics PRO 4.4 but this may require some
>modifications in the baffle.
>I also would like to replace the 5.25 inch bass speakers in the kick panel.

MB Quart makes replacements for E36 speakers. If I ever get around to it and find the extra 5 bills, they go in my 92. The only literature I have I picked up in Munich. I would have bought them there, since the price is less and no tax, but they weren't in stock at the time.

The parts numbers are QM 325.20 BMW E.36 for the 4 door and QM 325.21 BMW E.36 for the 2 door. The data given is (German is terrible for me but I think) 40-100 watts, 49-32kHz, 2.5 watts for 90 dB _at_ 1 m, crossover 250 and 4k, slope 12 dB/octave.

Some high-end stereo stores carry them, perhaps even mail order. To find a dealer, write USA MB Quart Electronics, 25 Walpole Park South, Walpole, MA 02081, or call (508) 668-8973, or fax (508) 668-8979. They are planning a web site, which may or may not be up and running.

Cost is $569 list, net at my local dealer is $469 + $60 installation. (Palmer Audio, Whitehall, PA) The replacements are only the front speakers. Rear speakers are unchanged.

Ephraim Fithian
92 E36 325i 5-speed 80k, 97 E39 528i 5-speed 1k. Previous 78 530i 5-speed 192k, 84 318i 5-speed 18k, 85 535i 5-speed 117k, 95 530i 5-speed 24k. BMWCCA 14040, NMA member, Macintosh user.

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