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From digest.v6.n767 Fri Jun 13 10:14:29 1997
From: Land Shark <>
Date: Thu, 12 Jun 1997 15:40:07 -0600
Subject: S52 Motor Upgrades

Trigger writes:

>The intake runners in the 96/97 328/M3's were made longer and 30% smaller
>in diameter. This was to increase low to midrange torque.

Which further reduces the potential for high rom HP output...

>The 95 M3 motor is starved for air with the stock intake to about 255-260
>hp. With a bigger HFM, airbox, throttle body, and unrestricting exhaust,
>the limit is still around 280hp. The plain fact is that the 1995 US M3
>cannot breathe well enough, let alone the bigger displacement 1996 motor,
>with a smaller and more restrictive intake.

On the S50US motor... the limit with the stock intake is a theoretical 340ish HP... much less with the S52...

The S50US can be brought to the 315HP level with stock intake using the above plus cam changes.. further headwork will allow the 95 Mcar to reach approx 330HP
thru normal aspiration.. including injector changes.. the stock injectors run outta poop at 284HP (apprx)

I'd estimate that the S52 is restricted to maybe 300 with the stock intake!!

>Until someone can develop a (big dream following:) six throttle intake that
>will bolt onto the US heads, we will always be hampered.

We're working on it.. one of the firms I'm associated with is working on that very thing.. and the full boat of race tuning is expected to yield 360-390HP so sayeth the airflow gods.. I'm just gonna tune it all in and make it all run nicely :)

I'll let them announce it...

>If it costs 6-7 grand, I will pay it.

It will hopefully less...

>(is anyone out there listening?)

Yes I am... and WE are...

The development of the E36 M3 program has been a painstaking process...

Onward it continues...


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