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Date: Fri, 9 Jun 1995 10:26:44 -0400
Subject: M3 List : Airbox replacement for E36 M3 complete !

Howdy folks,

I had special ordered the biggest K&N filter with a 3" flange. K&N number RC-2530 from PEGASUS AUTO RACING SUPPLIES (1-800-688-6946) for $36.

Its cylindrical 5" diameter, 9" length with a 3" flange.

Its surface area (ripples not calculated) is 2.6 times greater than a OEM sized filter. I think Autothority uses a 4" diam by 6" lenght K&N (correct me if I am wrong).

Anyway, here's the installation process :

  1. Parts List:Above K&N filter($36),three 10mm (nut & bolt & washer)($1), hose

    clamp (4") ($1), one exhaust hanger metal sheet tape with holes punched in ($1). Total Cost : $39.

  2. Tool : 10mm wrench, wire cutter/dikes.
  3. Using the 10mm wrench, disconnect the temperature sensor thats connected to

    the airbox (one bolt).

  4. Using the 10mm wrench loosen the 2 bolts that hold the airbox and Cruise

    control in place.

  5. Completly remove the Air Mass sensor (snaps off from one side).
  6. Remove airbox and cold air snout(if still there).Store parts in safe place.
  7. Attach the K&N filter flange (3") to the Air mass meter snout (the side

    with the fine mesh screen). Since the AMS has na outer diameter of 3" 2/16 it will be a very tight fit.

  8. Attach K&N and AMS to the throttle body hose.
  9. Use the 4" hose clamp to secure the temperature sensor on that black

    cylinder under the AMS.

  10. Cut a piece of the steel sheet tape long enough to secure the other end of

    the K&N to the front bolt that holds the Cruise control unit. Use 10 nut/washer for the filter attachment. Pull the filter as close the driver side of the car as possible. Away from the flow of radiator air.

  11. Fasten the Cruise control 10mm bolts.

Done ! It only takes 10-15 minutes.

Comments :

Visual :
It looks so BAD ! The filter is huge and very intimidating. The whole job looks very clean. Its like the whole thing was OEM ! (it should have).

Acoustic :
0- 5000 rpm Not a bit louder than the Jim-Comforti-airbox-surgery conversion. 5000+ Very Italian like ... :)

Mr Spock says :
Throttle responce improved greatly. Rev limiter cought me off guard on 1st and

2nd shifts. It had not happened before the mod. By the time you look at the tachometer to see your RPM you 're already redlining and missed the shift.

HP/Torque : My butt-dyno could not register a measurable hp/diff over JC mod.

Then again, my butt is the least sensitive part of my anatomy. No Catholic school jokes please.
If the car revs up faster, it has to account for a hp gain ...

Mileage : Don't know yet. Dont really care though. My baby drinks 94 octane

SUNOCO and Cuervo 1800 for me ...

Hot air intake issue : Here I spend a lot of time. The filter is away from

radiator flow and the temperature sensor (next to filter) showed no temperature increase after multiple drives in different speeds. Testing took place in 92 F weather with speeds over 10 mph. In heavy city traffic during a hot day, there will be a difference but nobody will mind a .5% loss of hp when driving bumper to bumper.

Mother says :
Store the airbox, in case you change your mind (?). The process is easily reversible.

Its cheap $39 .

Its not loud or offensive (our neighbours will never know).

Finally you'll be faster than your cousin Mike who's always the best student /athlete/ driver and I wont feel like I am mother to a looser ... ;)


95 ///M3

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