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From digest.v7.n705 Thu Dec 4 14:40:09 1997
From: Milos Klacko <>
Date: Thu, 04 Dec 1997 02:18:07 -0500
Subject: Supersprint exhaust - dyno-testing

Brandon writes:

From: Brandon McMullen <> Date: Tue, 02 Dec 1997 22:10:54 -0800
Subject: Supersprint Exhaust ?
I am considering a Supersprint exhaust for my 95 M3. However, I used to

have a B&B Triflo, but took it out because it was just too loud--inside and out! Does anyone have any comments regarding the loudness of the Supersprint ? Performance gains ? The only other upgrades I have are L/W snorkel and JimC (of course).

Brandon and others considering this upgrade....... Before all of you M3 guys put the add in the Roundel to sell your stock M3 exhaust, maybe you should think twice: (although I must admit that Supersprint sounds excellent:
  • -aggressive when you punch it, but just as stock when driving civilized or cruising on the highway..)
  • -our dyno testing from 3 months ago as well as from last Friday is clearly showing that the stock M3 exhaust is actually flowing VERY well. In fact there is no clear advantage of Supersprint except the fact that is sounds "better" (subjective) and is considerably lighter than stock. Having said that I do have the Supersprint on my M3, just because I had it as a leftover from my (now R.I.P) 325. If I knew before what I know now, I would put those $700+ toward something else... (cams??) On Fri. after Thanksgiving we did , as I mentioned before, almost 14 hrs of dyno testing on 8 - E36 M3s, 1E-30M3, 1 e-30 325is, and one Camaro Z28. Somebody very well known was on hand and needless to say that putting his chip in 3-rd of my BMW's put a "Mega-Grin" on my face for 3 hours of drive back to Tampa from Miami. I do not want to "parrot" the big number of digesters who already mentioned this..... but I must !!! - J.C's chip in my 95 M3 transformed it into a totally different car altogether...I am not going to dwell on "gain of power, smoothness of the torque curve, etc" is really amazing what he can do.
  • -we were very busy on the dyno so really we had no time to sit down and compare "All numbers" , but let me at least summarize some very interesting findings....(based on M3's testing):
  • - bigger throttle body is really not worth the money
  • -stock M3 exhaust is actually kicking a** (if not for the heavy weight)
  • -as far as air intake, K&N cones are showing the biggest HP gain (all tested shielded)
  • -the "hottest" set-up is: K&N cone, Euro-HFM, J.C chip I used as I said the Supersprint and the bigger T-body, just because I already had them. I guess because of this additional "breathing" in front and back the reading from the O2 sensor showed that my car was running a little lean when in 6000+ RPM and the stock 16lbs injectors working at 100 % earlier than I would really liked. After we put in bigger injectors (19lbs) everything fell in place and I dare to say that my car is very close to perfect with a reserve in injectors for additional modifications (we were kicking around a lot the idea of hot Shrick cam rumored to be good for additional 10-15 HP, but that remains to be seen...) All & all it was a great should see 8 hot bimmers screaming down alligator alley at 90mph+ in a "freight train formation". We left Tampa at 4 AM and finished on the dyno at midnight........but I could not imagine having more fun doing something else. Now that I am freezing my a** in Ohio (business) again it just makes me appreciate the "good times" so much more......

Happy motoring
......... Milos P.S please spare your requests for the dyno graphs (I have them home in FL) let's just say that the cars with the the above set-up were testing close to 265-270HP at crank...

  • -- PLEASE, note my new E-MAIL address !
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