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Date: Sun, 11 Nov 2001 13:55:00 -0800
From: "Bradley J. Otoupalik" <>
Subject: evosport M3 performance cams


Thanks for commenting on the article! We have done a lot of work on the e36 to make some very trick things reliable for both street and track!

At 02:09 PM 11/11/2001 -0600, E36M3 wrote: >Date: Sun, 11 Nov 2001 11:43:43 EST
>Subject: [E36M3] Euro Car M3
>Just a note to recommend checking out the latest European Car. They've had a
>series of '95 M3 the latest they've completed adding about the
>the "bolt-on" NA power enhancements you could perform to the S50. They
>measured 262 hp at the wheels. That equates to 315 hp or so at the crank.
>Torques is up similar amounts.

This is the 'cam kit' that we developed with Jim Conforti and Josh (Eurosport). This kit is rock solid and is truly awesome! The car is transformed - street or track. Good news for 2.8 and 3.2 owners as well the kits will be available for these motors too. Also, we have a 3.6 stroker and two different SC designs (a centrifugal and a roots) coming out!

>That is pretty damn impressive...I would never have believed a few years ago
>that those kind of gains are possible with bolt-ons.

We did not either - so we said let's try to do as much as we can for a CCA CR HP car (which limits the mods to bolt-ons (only cams can be changed internally). We used mild cams that were chosen with Will Turner's help so that we could truly recommend this kit for street use and lose minimal amounts of torque!

>An interesting improvement they found was with an EvoSport pulley set that
>leaves the stock water pump pulley/harmonic balancer in place.

Yes - we will not change the crank pulley. We lose some power gains, but it is reliable!

>One thing they didn't mention,
>however, and still bothers me, is the effect of using stock valve springs
>with those high-lift cams over the long term....

No worries - the cams are not that high lift. We (evosport, conforti, turner) have had ZERO problems over 16 months with this cam kit on 20-30 race cars with stock springs. You cannot replace them in HP so it was not an option. However, you can most certainly change them on your street car for preventative measures.

>In any case, it seems that
>the aftermarket and Jim C and company have come thru with some impressive
>pieces for the S50US.

Wait till you drive it!

>Roger W. Graves
>'95 considering the EvoSport pulley set.

Thanks! And if anyone has any specific questions, please e-mail me directly with any questions! I don't want to be too commercial on this list. E-mail


Bradley J. Otoupalik

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