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From digest.v9.n739 Tue Dec 22 22:42:41 1998
From: Land Shark <>
Date: Tue, 22 Dec 1998 23:28:42 -0700
Subject: How to get big HP...

Rob asks:

> Well guys it's the winter and my mind is starting to wander off to
>different project possibilities. Here is my question of the day:
>How much power can you get out of the 3.0L E36 M3 engine without
>- -Forced induction,NOS or crazy $10K+ internal work ?

Somewhere around 270-275...

WITH internal work.. around 300.. (cams/solid lifters)

> I'm thinking of the following: Jim C chip,Big K&N cone w/sheild,Euro
>headers, no cat-converter, and Supersprint or Stromung cat-back exhaust.
>My goal is an *honest* 270HP or 230HP at the wheels. Is this even close?

You're missing ONE thing.. a Euro HFM..

To see the stages, I've finally gotten (thanks to Nick G.) scans of the original dyno runs on some stages from owners cars in FL.

Now, remember that each of these WAS ON THAT SPECIFIC CAR, and gains DO vary.. but heres the REAL DEAL..

Most STOCK 95 M3's show between 197 and 203 at the rear wheels...

A chip is generally good for a good gain of 12-18 bhp at the shaft (10-15 at rear wheels)

Once you have done the chip, the next real step is an HFM with properly shielded cone filter (we are finishing up OUR (and the original!) cone filter intake system with integral shield/airbox) which resulted in:

Your choice to remove the cat (while illegal for street use!) is the ONLY thing you can do if you wish to add a set of headers.. we proved this this THIS dyno run, where the cats effectively neutralized the addition of a set of headers!

Yes, you heard it here.. putting cats after a set of headers is a royal waste of time and money.. lose the cats (for TRACK USE ONLY) or forget the header!

FYI: the above dynosheets, were done BY THE OWNERS of the cars, in my presence at Maximum Performance in Miami FL quite some time ago. So their "truthfullness" is completely without question!

>How about the Schrick intake manifold?

Waste of time and money

>What is the best proven combo??

All in All, there is no "proven combo" for YOUR car.. and the key is PROVEN!! EVERY CAR is different.. I can show you something that 99.x out of 100 will work for your car FINE.. but if you are in the less than 1% ..

The only PROVEN solution is a custom tuned setup for your very car and this gets expensive.. so what you probably wanted to ask is:

"What have most people gotten real good results with"


HFM/Chip/Shielded Cone intake



PS: Once you get to that stage, if you track the car a lot, consider

larger injectors, as the existing ones are very nearly maxed out!

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