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From digest.v7.n42 Mon Aug 4 06:48:54 1997
From: "Duane C" <>
Date: Mon, 4 Aug 1997 00:52:44 -0400
Subject: E36 Heat Shields now for sale

> From: "Jordi Cuervo" <>
> Date: Sun, 3 Aug 1997 12:22:20 -0400
> Subject: <E36 M3> "Ram-Air" Induction for M3
> I know that Duane Collie has come up with some kind of heat shield for

> K&N air filter on his M3. I was wondering if there is any site on the net
> that has instructions on how to build this contraption. If I'm going to

> a new air induction system in my M3, I figured I would do it the right

> and have cold air running through my filter. By the way Duane, if you

> to build several of these heat shields, you would make a ton of money by
> just selling to the M3 owners on the digest. may be on to something there Jordi. I've had about twenty requests to build these. we go.

$ 299 for custom aluminum heat shield....$ 499 if you want it painted with Krylon Spray Paint.... $699 with assorted tuner stickers stuck on it. Comes complete with Carbon Fiber Duct Tape applied onto the sharp edges. Amazing horsepower increase of + 50 hp with dyno chart available in true tuner fashion (completely fabricated in CorelDraw). Will suck up ERT and Dinan 'charged M3 's with ease.....Mastercard / Visa accepted....just consider me the A.C. Schnitzer of the U.S.A.....nawww on second thought you guys would be WAYYYYY too picky and want it out of billeted aluminum then complain about my workmanship 'cause it would look homemade - which of course, it is!

Seriously - there is no pattern or instructions as this was NOT engineered. I simply strolled down to Home Depot and got a flat piece of A/C sheet metal for $ 5.79 and started bending and cutting it without much of a plan ("..bend a little here...yeah, that works, ...cut this corner off?..sure, why not ..let's make a curve here, curves are sexy" ) 20 minutes / 2 beers later - its done.. Tools required: Tin Snips & a bag of Doritos. This is a really simple thing to do....don't make it too complex. It DOES help perfomance combined with a equally cheap ram air duct to the K&N. My highly tuned butt dyno tells me we are going a bit faster. Remember : Cheap horsepower with reliabilty is GOOD!

Had to pass this on - though it kinda humorous. At today's National Capital Chapter autocross, I was buttonholed by some character (why do these guys always pick ME out?) on the grid in a clapped out Audi who was determined to convince me that Audi is a worthy competitor to BMW....and the Quattro in particular was capable of not only competing with , but dominating M3's on the track...('re turning 75 second course times in the Audi and all the M3's here are at 60 seconds....Oookayyyyyy). After 10 minutes of this nonsense - and he would not go away, I had to tell him that in my experience the only thing that moves slower than an Audi on the track are the course workers. Audi's have got to be the track equivalent of a Dodge Caravan hogging the left lane of the Interstate _at_ 55 mph....and that's when the parts on staying attached to the car.

Duane Collie
'95 M3
National Capital Chapter

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