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From digest.v7.n530 Mon Nov 3 12:11:20 1997
From: "Carl Buckland" <>
Date: Sun, 2 Nov 1997 21:12:05 +0000
Subject: Re: M3 cold air ram
> From:
> Date: Sun, 02 Nov 97 22:14:30 -0600 > To: <> > Subject: M3 cold air ram

> Carl,

> Was your advice for routing the 3" hose through the bumper for the E36 > or E30 variety ? I have an E30 I'm figuring needs some cool breeze and > would appreciate any help you could offer. > > I saw you mentioned a heat shield manufacturer also (triggers ?). Any > more info on this ? > > TIA Robb A. > 90 325is > 85 325e


I know only about the E36. I think that it is a 3 1/2 " hose, although I have not actually measured it. It is slightly larger than the intake whole on the airbox. I can't help you with an E30, but I am sure that the same principal holds. A heat shield is for keeping engine bay heat away from the open cone filter. I don't use an open cone , nor do I think that a heat sheild is adequate. It will keep out the heat, but it will not provide for forced, outside cold air. With a cone filter and heat shield set up, the air comes from behind the headlamp and trickles in from the radiator. With a sealed hose coming from the grill, you get not only cold, outside air, but it is entering the car with a certain amount of force, depending on the speed at which the car is traveling. This is "ram air."


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