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From digest.v6.n849 Sat Jul 5 06:05:54 1997
From: Holly McReynolds <>
Date: Fri, 4 Jul 97 10:10:19 -0000
Subject: Re: Ram AIr Intake--- Other Korman mods &Kormans web site address

>From: Ki-Wang Ho <>
>Date: Wed, 02 Jul 1997 16:30:47 -0400
>Subject: Ram Air Intake for E36 M3 (95)
>Fellow BMW Digesters,
> Can anyone recommend a good RAM Air Intake kit for my 95 M3?
>I am currently considering the Korman Ram Air kit which feeds
>into the stock airbox housing a K&N filter. -------

I have the Korman RAM air on my 325is. I put it on before I installed my chip and noticed a definite "Butt test meter" increase. I also was afraid of using the cone on my 325is. I had one on my "92 VW Corrado vr6 and didn't notice anymore increase but it certainly was noisier and sounded faster. I also was worried about the long term effects of hot air. This mod along with my chip from Korman has given me more low range torque and a more even acceleration in all gears.

I have had quite a lot of dealings with Korman and what I like is that they recommend what works for me and have steered me away from some unnecessary purchases. What I wanted for my car was more torque in lower gears and I wanted it to stick like a rail around corners when I autox and go to track schools and just fool around. I have traction control but it is more fun off.

My big purchase this year was to send my Diff to Korman for a rebuild. Last year I had a diff out of an automatic in the car - 3.91 as opposed to 3.15 . Boy did it accelerate in all the gears; but I was getting 14 miles per gal and I was a little afraid of the long term effects of such high revs being constantly pulled in all gears. With Korman's diff I went to 3.45 and had them put a Quaiffe limited slip in the car. The gearing is nice but what makes a real difference is the Quaiffe. It is just amazing! I get no wheel spin and the car just goes around corners like on rails. Since I got the Quaiffe, I have done 3 autoxs and one Watkins Glen Track school with my son sharing the car. He is much faster than I and my R1s are barely worn. Next week I will do Watkins glen again and Wes will share my car again. We had a really rainy autox and everyone was squealing and sliding around on their R1s. My son said that he was watching me and said" she's not going fast" then he heard my times and said "i can't beat that" No drama just doing what it should do. In addition to the diff , I also bought The "Steiff" bar that Korman sells. It It is a BMW part and is an X shaped bar that attaches to the sub frame in the front. In addition to stiffening the front it also protects the oil an from Buffalo streets. This really gives the car even more accuracy in cornering. I am having more fun but still have a car that performs like a street car when necessary.

I have the sport suspension and will replace it as necessary with new shocks and maybe springs next year. This is the only car I own and it is bought and paid for. I drive it all year around in WNY so I don't want to drive a competition stiff car with ice, snow and pot holes.

Here is the usual disclaimer: I don't work for Korman [I just send them my money] but I am a very satisfied customer. Alan Patterson is the fellow I have been working with and he has patiently and accurately led me through the process of improving my BMW. I had some MAJOR warranty work and Korman really helped me trouble shoot the "Clunk" sound when I was shifting and letting out the clutch. This was all done over the phone. Monday I pick up my car with a new clutch and gear box at 40,000 miles form my wonderful dealer- Town BMW. In addition they replaced the VANOS unit which had the shaft rattling around at idle when not engaged.Neither of the Warranty stuff were at the critical stage and were intermittent so it was very hard to track down the problems. This time at Watkins Glen I can really enjoy my car without worrying about that little clunking sound and the rattles after a fast run. Thanks Town and Korman!

BTW Alan is also their Web master : -- check it out.

It is under construction but they are adding things every week and it is fun to watch the web site evolve.

Holly McReynolds
'94 325is mit Sport pkg and other goodies

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