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From: Land Shark <>
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 1999 13:02:38 -0600 (MDT)
Subject: [E36M3] JC Intake System (the final word)

It seems that agent provacateurs want to try and have people believe that our intake is "a myth"

Well, it isn't... it exists, it's been tested and all the details will be released very soon.

It uses a filter made by ITG. We are the only suppliers of this filter technology for the BMW aftermarket in North America by agreement with the folks at ITG. The technology is a multi-layer reticulated opencell foam. It WORKS!!

Which means our intake ALSO works.. we got a peak "gain" of over 30 HP.. YES THIRTY!.. by replacing the K&N filter on Tim Gergens turbo system with one of ours. On norm. aspirated BMW's we saw from 8 to 14 repeatable HP *at the wheels* from just the intake system alone.

As to "Turner denying it's existance" once again more intentional misinformation by "others"

What was said was along the lines of "We have no information at this time".. which is true, as NO sales information is being released to them until the day before it's released to you later this week (Monday at the latest)

Will Turner has SEEN and TOUCHED the prototypes as well as witnessed some of the dyno runs in Boston.

Suffice to say that all of the "naysayers" are going to be sad that they bought intakes from the competition.. or overpriced OBD-II intake/HFM systems.. because our intake ALONE beats their system for about 2.5 times less price. Better filtration where it counts, better HP, less cost, no chance of water induction into the motor unless you become a submarine ;)

There have been no real "delays" in this system...

My biggest mistake was letting ANYONE know it was in development.. because I won't release anything.. nor will Josh MacMurray who has busted his butt on this.. until it is 101% perfect. Which it now is.. and it is in production as of this week.

Please feel free to quote this letter on other mail lists and Bulletin Boards as the level of disinformation being passed around has gone beyond annoying and thru comical to the level of insane.

Jim Conforti
Bonneville Motor Werks

PS: And the only guy anyone should be asking about

a "Jim C. Intake" is me.. Jim C.

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