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From digest.v6.n897 Sat Jul 19 08:07:04 1997
From: "Carl Buckland" <>
Date: Fri, 18 Jul 1997 11:56:11 +0000
Subject: BMP Web Site

BMP Web Site:

Like many of you, I have been buying from BMP in Tyler, Texas, for quite some time. They have supplied me with great information and advise, and then sold me everything from strut braces to racing differentials. They are knowledgeable, fast, and fair in their pricing, so I recommend them heartily.

They recently openned up a Web site that is in development, but leads you to most of their current products. Take a look when you have a chance:

While you are there, check out the lightened flywheel. I just installed mine, but before doing so, I sat it on my desk for a couple of days just to look at it; it is a beautifully machined piece. Installed, it woke up the car like almost nothing else that I have done! The car "feels" about 400 pounds lighter, and runs out of the hole like a scalded dog. It takes about 2 blocks to get used to it, and from then on, I wondered why BMW didn't do a lighter flywheel in the first place. The old dual mass flywheel weighs about 25 lbs, while the BMP unit weighs 8 1/2 lbs. If you only do one thing to your car, consider putting in the lightened flywheel.

I also wanted to reply to the on-again synthetic oil thread, but I will post that seperately.



Carl Buckland
Salt Lake City, Utah
E36 M3, CSP # 27
Fax: 801-531-6690

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